35 Women’s Ministry Spring Activities
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35 Women’s Ministry Spring Activities

As the weather starts to warm up and the days get longer, many women are looking for ways to get together and enjoy the spring season together, right? That prompted me to brainstorm some fun women’s ministry spring activities and ideas you could do with the ladies in your women’s ministry groups!

Whether it’s a weekly meet-up or a one-time event, there are plenty of ideas for women’s groups to make the most of this time of year. In fact, I think spring is the best time of year to take the fun outdoors!

Let’s get to it!

Women’s ministry spring activities to do!

  1. Go for a hike in your city or town.
  2. Meet at a local park (be sure to reserve the spot with the city).
  3. Have a gardening class or tutorial at someone. You could take turns beautifying each lady’s yard a bit or planting beautiful plants and flowers around the church. Ask one of the women with a “green thumb” to lead the teaching effort.
  4. Do an Earth Day activity together. Earth Day is April 22. Your women’s ministry could collect non-recyclable materials and take them to your local recycling center.

    Maybe you can plant a tree in honor of a departed, cherished woman in your congregation. Plant some veggies and bless others with them, or create an “Earth EAT” night in which you guys cook them and make a meal out of them. Sounds delicious and fun!

    We once did this and worked together in a lady’s big kitchen to make a veggie lasagna. It was so wild and fun eating food we had grown.
  5. Visit a community garden and take in God’s amazing creative powers. Where I live in Missouri, we have so many beautiful gardens.

    Many of which no one would know about unless they sought to find them. Google or ask your local visitor’s bureau. You might have one somewhat close to you, and you can make a short road trip of it.
  6. Get crafty! Build a bird feeder or set up a bird bath. Crafts are always fun for women’s ministry spring activities!
  7. Go bird watching.
  8. Do a Drive-in Movie night.
  9. Go bicycling.
  10. Get horseback riding lessons together.
  11. Play a nature scavenger hunt game. Or even a city scavenger hunt!
  12. Wade in a creek.
  13. Investigate and see if your city has a historical tour or trail to experience together.
  14. Go garage sale hunting in various neighborhoods for women’s ministry spring activities! Divide the women into teams, hit local garage sales within a specified amount of time, and go on a hunt for specific or quirky items.
  15. Go backyard camping. Or just meet up in someone’s backyard [in the ministry] and toast marshmallows.
  16. Visit an assisted living or nursing home and paint the resident’s fingernails.
  17. Go to the lake and sit on blankets and play fun camp games kids play. Or go sailing. Life doesn’t have to be serious all the time, right?
  18. Do a DYI activity or take a DYI class. Home Depots often offer great classes. Here is a link for more information. Their competitor has what is called Lowe’s a DIY-U.
  19. Take a dance class together.
  20. Rent scooters and scoot around town, followed by coffee in a cool downtown boutique.
  21. Take your book club outdoors. Meet weekly in a park and discuss a book or a book of the Bible.
  22. Go to a local amusement park. Again, life can be fun with Christian sisters! It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.
  23. Have a “Sister only” Rodeo Drive-style garage sale. Here is how it works: each woman has a table.

    Line the table around the perimeter.

    Each woman arranges items she no longer wants and sells them to her fellow sisters.

    It is like an in-bred garage sale. Don’t forget to have food and music!
  24. Go strawberry picking – any kind of “picking” is great women’s ministry spring activities in my opinion.
  25. Plan a fishing trip.
  26. Plan an Oscars watch night party. Make it themed and have fun decor. This Pinterest board is fantastic! Lots of great ideas. Of course, Amazon has a section for decor. I am an affiliate for Amazon.
  27. Plan a weekly outdoor workout! Don’t forget the Christian rap music!
  28. Go on an Insta-Photo shoot in teams or groups. Then, post and hashtag your shenanigans.
  29. Attend an outdoor concert or food or music festival. Or a play if your city has an outdoor amphitheater.
  30. Take a pottery class together.
  31. See if your city or town has any outdoor exhibits. Then go tour them.
  32. Hit up a baseball game on a slow night.
  33. Make a date for the farmers market. Go walk, talk, shop, and enjoy the new spring weather.
  34. Divide into teams and go kite flying.
  35. Find outdoor materials and make beautiful spring wreaths. Martha Steward has some easy and elegant designs here. Use her designs as inspiration for what you guys find during your search.

You can maximize the air of freshness spring brings to the year and to women’s ministry…

Hey, springtime is a great time to reconnect and try something fun and new! Try something totally out of the norm and encourage the ladies to do the same.

I have one more piece of advice.

The key to planning events that will be fun for your ladies is doing more than one type of activity. Not all women will enjoy the same type of activities, and that’s ok.

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ideas for women's ministry

Some women may love crafting – others will not.

Some ladies may dig roller skating nights – others may not.

Mix it up! Try a variety of things. Warning: some activities you, yourself, may like – others not so much. But someone else will love doing them.

One of the reasons women’s ministry events aren’t widely attended, in my humble opinion, is because they are always the same types of activities (potlucks, Bible study, etc.) and very one-note.

Plan a combination of outdoor activities, water activities, shopping activities, and spa activities to create a diverse spring calendar!

Sure, all the ladies won’t come at one time or to one event, but you’ll be sure to hit those who are interested in one of the types of activities you plan.

Check out some other ideas for women’s ministry games and activities here!

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