About Me

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I am Teri.

I’m a pastor’s wife in the midwest and I love all things women’s ministry!

With over 30 years of experience in nonprofit training and event planning, I share my lessons learned, mistakes, and my triumphs with you on this blog.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and am in the last semester of earning my Master of Education degree from Colorado University. I am in a senior training role for a government organization.

Back to my passion for Women’s Ministry

For over thirty-five years, I’ve been involved in one form of women’s ministry or another.

From community-based women’s ministry in the 90s to supporting fellow pastor’s wives, I know the power of women’s unifying in Jesus’ name.

When I married a pastor almost 20 years ago, women’s ministry took various shapes and forms. It was not the typical women’s potluck or women’s prayer group.

Women’s ministry was mentoring young six weeks at a time. It was hosting episodic events. It was launching a Saturday morning workout class. It was purse parties, book clubs, and visiting women’s halfway houses. It was so rich and so varied!

I loved it!

Ministry became a way to bond with women. We bonded over outings with our husbands, we bonded with girls’ nights out. We grew closer and sisterhood resulted.

That’s what women’s ministry is about.

It’s about building connections.

Now, in this season of my life, I’m eager to share my lessons learn. I’ll share my mistakes and offer my suggestions. Please take what is valuable and amend what doesn’t work.

Either way, my prayer is to create a medium to bless you and inspire ideas.

Thank you for visiting!