22 May, 2024

About Me – Women’s Ministry Blogger

About Me – Women’s Ministry Blogger
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Thank you for visiting Women’s Ministry Resources!

I am Teri, a women’s ministry blogger.

I’m a pastor’s wife in the Midwest, and I love all things women’s ministry!

With over 30 years of experience in nonprofit training and event planning, I share my lessons learned, mistakes, and ministry triumphs with you on this blog.

I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri and an M.Ed. from Colorado State University.

Professionally, I am in a senior-level instructional role for a government organization. I don’t know everything, but I try to learn and share what I do know.

That’s a little about me – as a person and a Women’s Ministry Blogger.

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Back to my passion for Women’s Ministry – Women’s Ministry and being a women’s ministry blogger.

I’ve been involved in one form of women’s ministry or another for over thirty-five years. I started a single mom’s ministry after my divorce (I am remarried). I learned the power of women uniting to support one another through difficult seasons.

what is a womens ministry in a church

From community-based women’s ministry in the 90s to supporting fellow pastors’ wives, I know the power of women’s unifying in Jesus’ name.

When I married a pastor almost 20 years ago, women’s ministry took various shapes and forms. It was not the typical women’s potluck or women’s prayer group.

Women’s ministry was mentoring young six weeks at a time. It was hosting episodic events. It was launching a Saturday morning workout class. It was purse parties, book clubs, and visiting women’s halfway houses. It was so rich and so varied!

I loved it!

Ministry became a way to bond with women. We bonded over outings with our husbands; we bonded with girls’ nights out. We grew closer, and sisterhood resulted.

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That’s what women’s ministry is about!

It’s about building connections. It’s about teaching lessons. It’s about growing spiritually.

Now, in this season of my life, I’m eager to share the lessons I’ve learned and the wisdom I have gathered along the way.

Throughout my journey, I have often found that the greatest growth comes from the moments we stumble and fall.

These moments of struggle and setbacks have shaped me into who I am today, and I believe that by sharing my mistakes and offering suggestions, I can help others navigate their paths more smoothly.

I completely understand the challenges that come with embracing failure. In a society that emphasizes success and perfection, it can be disheartening to confront our shortcomings. However, I firmly believe that failure is a fundamental part of growth and learning. 

Women’s ministry efforts can help women understand that is through our failures that we gain invaluable insights, develop resiliency, and ultimately become stronger individuals. 

Instead of viewing failure as a source of discouragement, we should see it as an opportunity to regroup, reassess, and approach our goals with renewed determination and wisdom. Remember, you are not defined by your failures but by how you choose to respond and persevere.

Women’s ministry can teach that life lesson in a way no other effort can. 

Another lesson I have learned is the power of perseverance. Life is full of challenges and obstacles that can sometimes feel insurmountable. However, during these trying times, we discover our true strength and resilience – we can also see how amazing our God is! 

I feel that by pushing through hard times, staying focused on our goals, and maintaining a faith-filled mindset, we can overcome even the most daunting of challenges, and the best part is that if we are part of a booming women’s ministry, we can do with our sisters. They can learn from our struggles. We can get comfort from their presence in our lives. 

Yes, women’s ministry is a God-inspired tool 

Another thing…

Women’s ministry has taught me the importance of self-care and prioritizing my well-being. Not five minutes ago, I got a text from a sister in our women’s ministry. 

“Don’t forget to eat and be kind to yourself.” 

That’s all it said. 

She knows I’m going through the life-devastating journey of Alzheimer’s with my parent. It has turned my life literally upside down and broken my heart in the process of doing so. 

Her reaching out is the benefit of being in ministry today. 

Even if you’re not going through what I’m going through, in our fast-paced and demanding world, it’s easy to neglect ourselves in favor of fulfilling obligations and meeting expectations. I think this is especially true for women. 

Look, self-care is not selfish; it is necessary for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Resting, recharging, and engaging in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment are essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced life. You can build women’s ministry around exactly these kinds of activities. 

I know you came to this page to learn about me. But I had to share my heart so you can truly know me and my motivation for this women’s ministry blog. 

Below is a pic from one of my women’s events. I loved that we had so much fun!

image 2

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