Planning Christian Womens Retreat that ROCKS!
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Planning Christian Womens Retreat that ROCKS!

Imagine a stunning scene for a Christian womens retreat: you, surrounded by a sisterhood of strong, faith-filled women, all gathered at a Christian womens event. Picture pressing pause on the relentless chaos of everyday life and entering a sanctuary of profound spiritual rejuvenation. But this is no ordinary event; it’s a sacred space where souls unite for a day overflowing with connection, inspiration, and an abundance of soul-nourishing, Christian goodness. Picture swapping the hustle and bustle for an atmosphere of tranquility, where laughter dances hand in hand with heartfelt conversations, and the energy pulsates with unwavering support and elevation.

Oh! By the way, I am going to spell “women’s” without the apostrophe in this post.

By “one day” I mean duration, not aspiration. 🙂

Anyway, as you know, a Christian womens retreat is a getaway for the soul.

It’s a chance to hit the reset button, bask in like-minded sisters’ presence, and delve deep into the wellsprings of our Christian faith. Think of it as a day-long journey where you can recharge your spiritual batteries through worship, engaging workshops, and moments of quiet reflection.

It’s not just about surface-level interactions; it’s about forging bonds that go beyond the superficial, creating a sisterhood that echoes with shared beliefs and a collective desire to grow in grace.

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And let’s not forget the joyous celebrations! From spirited worship sessions that uplift your spirit to creative workshops that let you express your faith in unique ways, a Christian womens retreat is a vibrant tapestry of experiences.

Here are the steps I typically follow when I planned Christian women’s retreats:

Step 1: Pick a date for your Christian womens retreat

Step 2: Pick a venue for the womens retreat

Step 3: Choose a powerful theme for the Christian womens retreat. Click here for ideas. Click here also!

Step 4: What is your budget for your event?

Step 5: Create your agenda (see below)

Step 6: Plan how you will market the Christian womens retreat

Step 7: How will you know how many women will come? Will they call a Google voice number to RSVP, complete a Google form, or sign up in another way?

I have not used this. But here is one idea using Canva:

There is always Eventbrite

Christian womens retreat RSVP Ideas

Don’t forget about Facebook for RSVPing!

If your women’s ministry has a Facebook page, this is a great way to RSVP! The instructions are below or you can click this link to see them:

Screenshot 2023 11 14 at 7.56.27 PM

Step 8: Start to market the event. You’ve planned for it. All you need to do now, is implement the marketing plan!

Step 9: Begin to recruit and train volunteers. Create a little cheat sheet to let each one know what they are doing.

Let’s re-visit the concept of a women’s retreat. I think a great Christian retreat is a mosaic of laughter, tears, and a whole lot of love. So, whether you’re seeking a break from the daily grind or craving a deeper connection with your faith community, a Christian womens retreat is your personal invitation to pause, breathe, and embrace the beauty of sisterhood on this incredible journey of faith. 

At its core, a Christian womens retreat is like a getaway for your spirit to be recharged and revived in Godly principles. It’s a chance to take a breather, hang out with like-minded sisters, and dive deep into faith. It’s like a whole day of recharging your spiritual batteries through worship, cool workshops, and moments of peaceful thinking. It’s not just about making small talk; it’s about creating a tight-knit crew who all share the same beliefs and wanna grow together. Basically, it’s all about that sisterhood and grace, Girl! As a result, don’t cram it full of meaningless activities just to keep the ladies busy. Instead, be incredibly intentional about the goals of the Christian womens retreat. 

Goal ideas for your womens retreat

Setting clear and achievable goals is absolutely crucial when it comes to planning your retreat.

Think of the goals as the North Star, guiding every step of the planning process towards an unforgettable success. These goals provide a roadmap for the retreat and outline the specific outcomes and expectations, leaving no room for uncertainty. Check out my blog post on how I write goals.

With crystal-clear goals in place, organizers can confidently make decisions, allocate resources efficiently, and keep their eyes laser-focused on the event’s purpose. It’s like having a compass that constantly reminds them of their destination.

And the benefits don’t stop there!

Well-defined goals enable you to measure success, track progress, and pivot if necessary, ensuring the event stays on track to surpass all expectations. Additionally, these goals foster open communication among your organizing team, sponsors (if you have them), and stakeholders, creating a unified vision that keeps everyone motivated and engaged.

Remember, setting clear goals isn’t just about streamlining the planning process; it’s about creating an extraordinary experience that leaves participants in awe. So, dare to dream big, set those goals, and watch as your event transforms into an unforgettable journey!

Below, I wrote some goals (they are not measurable, but good) you can paste into your Christian womens retreat planning.

NOTE: Some of them I repeat because they fit in various categories.

Spiritual Growth: The conference aims to create an incredible space where women can experience profound spiritual growth and strengthen their faith. Inspiring speakers will be invited to share their wisdom, uplifting worship sessions will be held, and attendees will have the opportunity to unite in prayer.

Workshop or Topic ideas for a Christian womens retreat:

  1. Biblical Meditation and Reflection:
    Description: Delve into the practice of biblical meditation, guiding participants in reflecting deeply on selected scriptures. Explore how intentional Christian meditation on God’s Word can lead to spiritual insights, clarity, and a deeper connection with Jesus.

  2. Prayer and Intercession Training:
    Description: Equip attendees with practical tools for cultivating a powerful prayer life. This workshop can cover various forms of prayer, intercession strategies, and ways to overcome common challenges in maintaining a consistent and impactful prayer routine.

  3. Journaling for Spiritual Growth:
    Description: Explore the art of journaling as a tool for self-reflection, gratitude, and spiritual growth. Participants can learn different journaling techniques, incorporating scripture, prayers, and personal reflections to deepen their walk with God.

  4. Spiritual Disciplines in a Modern World:
    Description: Discuss the relevance of ancient spiritual disciplines, such as Christian fasting, Christian meditation, and solitude, in the context of contemporary life. Provide practical insights on how to integrate these disciplines into daily routines for sustained spiritual growth.

  5. Navigating Spiritual Seasons:
    Description: Guide participants through the concept of spiritual seasons, helping them understand the ebb and flow of their faith journey. This workshop can provide tools to navigate challenges, embrace growth opportunities, and find God’s presence in every season.

  6. Building a Personalized Devotional Practice:
    Description: Assist attendees in creating a tailored devotional routine that fits their unique preferences and schedules. Explore various devotional styles, resources, and strategies to make daily time with God meaningful and transformative. Check out how I use Priscilla Shire’s Bible study approach here.

  7. Cultivating a Spirit of Gratitude:
    Description: Focus on the biblical principles of gratitude and its impact on spiritual well-being. Through interactive exercises and discussions, participants can discover practical ways to cultivate gratitude in their lives, fostering a positive and thankful spirit.

  8. Mindfulness in Faith:
    Description: Introduce the concept of mindfulness from a Christian perspective. Explore how mindfulness practices can enhance spiritual awareness, attentiveness to God’s presence, and overall well-being.

Community Building: Beyond the conference, a strong and supportive community will be formed among Christian women. The goal is to forge genuine connections and establish lifelong friendships. This community will serve as a platform for mutual support and encouragement.

Christian Womens Retreat topic ideas:

  1. Sisterhood Circles:
    Description: Create intimate small-group sessions where women can share their stories, experiences, and prayer requests. These circles foster deep connections, building a sense of sisterhood and support within the retreat community.

  2. Creative Worship Together:
    Description: Engage participants in collaborative worship experiences, such as group singing, artistic expression, or dance. These activities not only enhance the retreat’s spiritual atmosphere but also encourage a shared sense of joy and celebration.

  3. Testimony and Empowerment Panels:
    Description: Organize panels featuring women who can share their personal testimonies of faith and empowerment. These stories inspire and unite attendees, emphasizing the strength found in the collective experiences of Christian women.

  4. Interactive Prayer Walks:
    Description: Design a prayer walk that encourages women to engage with various prayer stations. This hands-on approach to prayer allows participants to connect with each other while deepening their individual spiritual journeys.

  5. Acts of Kindness Challenge:
    Description: Initiate a community service project or kindness challenge during the retreat. This collective effort not only strengthens bonds among participants but also reflects the love and compassion central to Christian teachings.

  6. Crafting Together for a Cause:
    Description: Host a creative workshop where women can work together on a craft project with a purpose, such as making items for a local charity or church. This shared endeavor fosters teamwork and a sense of community impact.

  7. Bible Study Buddy System:
    Description: Pair up attendees for the duration of the retreat to engage in shared Bible study sessions. This buddy system promotes accountability, mutual encouragement, and the formation of lasting connections.

  8. Prayer Partner Exchange:
    Description: Facilitate a session where participants can connect with prayer partners for ongoing support. This intentional pairing fosters a sense of community, creating bonds that extend beyond the retreat experience.

  9. Community Building Through Storytelling:
    Description: Host a storytelling night where women can share significant moments from their faith journeys with women one another.
  10. Group Reflection and Vision Boarding:
    Description: Encourage women to reflect on their personal and collective aspirations. Participants can then create vision boards together, visually expressing their hopes and dreams as a community, fostering a shared sense of purpose. Consider doing this activity with women in your community, a retirement community, or a nursing home. This activity builds empathy, understanding, and a profound sense of connection among retreat participants.

These community-building workshops for a women’s Christian retreat aim to strengthen the bonds among the ladies, creating a supportive and uplifting environment grounded in faith and sisterhood. They also add some opportunities to bless the community at large, if you’d like.

Along those lines, don’t forget the senior ladies in your community. Think and brainstorm how you can bless them. You can go to senior homes, assisted living facilities, or even hospitals. Do crafts with the elderly or take them the beautiful end results of your crafts to bless someone.

Empowerment: One of the conference’s primary objectives is to equip Christian ladies with the tools, resources, and insights needed to feel empowered in both their personal and spiritual lives. Participants can expect to gain the confidence to live out their faith with boldness and conviction.

Here are the topics for classes or workshops you can use during your Christian womens retreat:

  1. Identity in Christ Workshop:
    Description: Explore the concept of identity rooted in Christian faith. Discuss scriptures that affirm women’s worth and purpose, and engage in activities that help participants embrace their identity in Christ, fostering confidence and empowerment.

  2. Leadership Development Seminar:
    Description: Provide practical skills and insights for women to step into leadership roles within their communities or churches. Cover topics such as effective communication, decision-making, and navigating challenges with a biblical perspective.

  3. Financial Empowerment Workshop:
    Description: Offer financial literacy education with a Christian focus. Discuss biblical principles of stewardship and provide practical tips on budgeting, saving, and charitable giving, empowering women to take control of their financial futures. Reach out to a local Federal Reserve Bank. They often have community education programs and someone can come to speak at your retreat free of charge!

  4. Self-Care and Well-being Retreat:
    Description: Focus on holistic well-being, combining Christian teachings with self-care practices. Include sessions on mental health, stress management, and physical well-being, emphasizing the importance of caring for oneself as a divine responsibility.

  5. Overcoming Fear and Embracing Courage:
    Description: Address common fears and insecurities that hinder women’s empowerment. Through biblical teachings and personal testimonies, empower women to overcome fear with faith, embracing courage and stepping into their God-given potential.

  6. Networking and Mentorship Mixer:
    Description: Facilitate a networking event where women can connect with mentors and peers who share similar passions or career paths. This workshop encourages the exchange of wisdom, support, and opportunities, fostering a network of empowered Christian women.

  7. Storytelling for Empowerment:
    Description: Provide a platform for women to share their personal stories of overcoming challenges and finding strength in their faith. This workshop encourages vulnerability, resilience, and the empowerment that comes from sharing one’s journey.

  8. Entrepreneurship and Kingdom Impact:
    Description: Explore the intersection of entrepreneurship and Christian values. Provide guidance on starting and running a business with integrity, emphasizing the potential for creating positive impact and serving a greater purpose.

  9. Advocacy and Social Justice Workshop:
    Description: Empower women to engage in social justice issues from a Christian perspective. Discuss biblical mandates for justice and explore ways women can actively contribute to positive change in their communities and beyond.

  10. Vision Board and Goal Setting Session:
    Description: Guide participants in creating vision boards that reflect their personal and professional goals. Connect this activity with prayer and biblical principles, empowering women to envision and pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

Biblical Teaching: Prepare for deep and immersive biblical teaching sessions. The conference is focused on enhancing women’s understanding of scripture and demonstrating how it can be applied to their everyday lives. Through in-depth study and discussion, participants will be enriched spiritually. For Bible study topic ideas, read my post on that subject here.

Encouragement and Renewal: Life’s challenges can be overwhelming, but the conference is here to provide encouragement and renewal. Engaging in sessions and activities will lift spirits, rejuvenate minds, and offer the motivation to persevere in life. Who doesn’t need that??? That is exactly what a Christian womens retreat should do.

Here are some Christian womens retreat workshop ideas:

  1. Unveiling Your Purpose: A Biblical Exploration
    Description: Dive into a transformative workshop that combines biblical teachings with introspective activities. Participants will explore scriptures that highlight God’s unique purpose for each woman, helping them gain clarity on their personal calling and empowering them to live with intention.

  2. Confidence in Christ: Overcoming Insecurities
    Description: Addressing common insecurities faced by women, this workshop will use biblical principles to guide participants toward greater self-confidence. Through discussions, activities, and prayer, women will learn to embrace their worth in Christ and navigate life’s challenges with faith and resilience.

  3. Empowered Prayer Warriors: A Workshop on Spiritual Warfare
    Description: Equip women with the spiritual tools to navigate life’s battles. This workshop will explore the biblical foundations of spiritual warfare, teaching participants how to pray strategically and stand firm in their faith, fostering a sense of empowerment in facing spiritual challenges.

  4. Financial Stewardship and Abundance
    Description: Grounded in biblical principles of stewardship, this workshop will empower women to take control of their finances. Participants will learn practical budgeting, saving, and investment strategies, aligning their financial goals with God’s principles for abundance and provision.

  5. Bold Faith: Stepping Out of Comfort Zones
    Description: Challenge women to step out of their comfort zones and embrace bold faith. Through scriptural insights and interactive exercises, participants will be encouraged to overcome fear, take risks, and pursue their goals with a renewed sense of purpose and courage.

  6. Thriving in Transition: Navigating Life Changes with Faith
    Description: Explore the concept of navigating life transitions through a Christian lens. This workshop will provide tools, biblical examples, and a supportive environment for women facing changes, empowering them to trust God’s plan and find strength in times of uncertainty.

  7. Healing Hearts: A Journey to Emotional Wholeness
    Description: Delve into the process of emotional healing using Christian principles. Through prayer, reflection, and supportive discussions, participants will address past hurts, embrace forgiveness, and move towards emotional wholeness, empowering them to live joyfully in Christ.

  8. Balancing Act: Faith, Family, and Career
    Description: This workshop focuses on achieving balance in the various roles women play. Using biblical wisdom, participants will explore practical strategies for prioritizing faith, family, and career, empowering them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

  9. Leading with Grace: A Christian Approach to Leadership
    Description: Explore the qualities of servant leadership through a Christian lens. This workshop will provide insights from biblical leaders, offering practical guidance on leading with humility, empathy, and a commitment to serving others.

  10. Voices of Influence: Effective Communication from a Christian Perspective
    Description: Enhance communication skills through this workshop that integrates biblical principles. Participants will learn to express themselves effectively, resolve conflicts with grace, and positively influence those around them, fostering empowerment through impactful communication.

Workplace and Life Evangelism: At work, one of the most impactful ways to lead people to Christ is through our actions and attitudes. Our workplace can serve as a platform for us to live out our faith and demonstrate the love of Christ to our colleagues and coworkers. Learn tips and techniques to draw people to Christ and be a strong Christian witness at work.

  1. Relational Evangelism 101: Building Authentic Connections
    Description: Explore the power of building authentic relationships as a foundation for effective evangelism. This workshop will delve into practical techniques for initiating and nurturing conversations about faith within the context of genuine connections, emphasizing the importance of love and empathy in sharing the Gospel.

  2. Storytelling for Christ: Sharing Your Faith Narrative
    Description: Equip participants with the art of personal storytelling as a powerful evangelism tool. This workshop will guide Christians in crafting and sharing their faith stories in a compelling and relatable manner, fostering meaningful connections with those seeking to understand the Christian message.

  3. Digital Evangelism in the Modern Age
    Description: Navigate the digital landscape for evangelistic opportunities. This workshop will cover practical tips and ethical considerations for leveraging social media, blogs, and online platforms to share the message of Christ effectively in the modern age.

  4. Prayer Evangelism: Transforming Communities through Prayer
    Description: Explore the concept of prayer as a foundational element of evangelism. Participants will learn how intentional prayer can create spiritual openings and transform communities, providing practical strategies for incorporating prayer into their evangelistic efforts.

  5. Cross-Cultural Evangelism: Sharing Christ in Diverse Settings
    Description: Address the challenges and opportunities of evangelizing in diverse cultural contexts. This workshop will equip Christians with cross-cultural communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and a biblical perspective on sharing the Gospel in a globalized world.

  6. Apologetics for Everyday Conversations
    Description: Dive into the realm of apologetics to equip believers with the ability to defend and articulate their faith. This workshop will provide practical tools for addressing common questions and challenges encountered in everyday conversations about Christianity.

  7. Hospitality as a Path to Evangelism
    Description: Explore the biblical concept of hospitality as a gateway to evangelism. This workshop will guide participants in creating welcoming environments, fostering relationships, and using hospitality as a natural way to share the love of Christ.

  8. Street Evangelism: Engaging Public Spaces with Grace
    Description: Discover effective techniques for sharing the Gospel in public spaces with grace and respect. This workshop will provide practical tips for initiating conversations, addressing objections, and conveying the message of Christ in various public settings.

  9. Family-Based Evangelism: Sharing Faith at Home
    Description: Explore strategies for incorporating evangelism into family life. This workshop will provide tools for parents and caregivers to create a nurturing environment where faith is shared organically, empowering families to be a witness to others.

  10. Artistic Evangelism: Expressing Faith through Creativity
    Description: Tap into the power of creativity as a means of evangelism. This workshop will explore how various artistic expressions, such as visual arts, music, and storytelling, can be powerful tools for communicating the Christian message in innovative and engaging ways.

A Sample Agenda for Womens Retreat

Sample Title: “Renewal and Radiance Chrisitan Women’s Retreat”

[Choose a date that works well for your target audience]

[Select a venue conducive to reflection and relaxation]

Renew, Radiate, Rejoice


9:00 AM – 9:30 AM: Registration and Welcome

  • Warm welcome and registration
  • Welcome bags with personalized notes and retreat essentials

9:30 AM – 10:00 AM: Icebreaker and Introductions

  • Fun icebreaker activities to foster connection
  • Brief introductions and sharing of expectations

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: Worship and Devotion

  • Inspirational worship session
  • Guided devotional time for personal reflection

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM: Workshop Sessions

  • Breakout sessions on topics like faith, self-care, and community
  • Facilitated discussions and Q&A

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM: Lunch and Fellowship

  • Catered lunch or potluck style
  • Time for fellowship and informal networking

1:30 PM – 2:30 PM: Creative Expression Workshop

  • Art, journaling, or other creative sessions
  • Expression of faith through various mediums

2:30 PM – 3:30 PM: Guest Speaker

  • Invited speaker sharing insights on the retreat theme
  • Interactive session with the audience

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM: Reflection and Prayer

  • Quiet time for personal reflection and prayer
  • Optional guided prayer circles

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Closing Ceremony

  • Recap of the day’s highlights
  • Closing worship and blessings

5:00 PM: Farewell and Gift Distribution

  • Distribution of thank-you gifts
  • Closing remarks and farewell
  • Decorations: Create a serene and inviting atmosphere with soft colors, candles, and inspirational quotes.

  • Music: Curate a playlist of uplifting Christian music for various moments throughout the day.

  • Photography: Arrange for a photographer or encourage participants to capture and share moments on social media with a designated hashtag.

  • Feedback: Collect feedback forms to gather insights for future events and to understand the impact of the retreat.

Remember to infuse the day with love, positivity, and a sense of community. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you plan this special retreat for Christian women to renew, radiate, and rejoice together.

P.S. this post was inspired by a comment by Sister Caroline. I pray this inspires her. <3

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