Sample Prayers for a Ladies Meeting
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Sample Prayers for a Ladies Meeting

Prayer is deeply personal. But, I understand some people struggle with knowing how to pray – especially in public. As a result, here is a little prayer inspiration and a few sample prayers to give you some ideas on how to pray before meetings.  In this article, you will find two opening prayers for a ladies meeting you can adapt for your own purposes. It can also create an atmosphere of inspiration, hope, and unity. Whether you’re organizing a church group, a ministry book club, or a Christian women’s empowerment gathering, starting with a heartfelt prayer can help your attendees connect with one another and, most importantly, connect with Jesus. 

I will be honest. I’m often laser-focused on my agenda items. As a result, I pray before the meeting and then pray after the meeting is over. This is a bad habit, and I am diligently working to change that pattern. Consulting God before the meeting can remove spiritual barriers and set our hearts on the right path toward hearing the Holy Spirit. 

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Praying together often seems “rote” and done as a matter of tradition. That is why I often pray before the meeting. However, lately, I’m feeling we should pray together and not just at the end. 

Let God lead you in how He wants you to cover the meetings. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Listen to the Holy Spirit. 

Here are my prayers for a ladies meeting:

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Prayer #1 Opening Prayer for Ladies Meeting

Heavenly Father, 

We come before you today with grateful hearts. We thank you for bringing us together in this ladies meeting and for the opportunity to connect with one another and share our wisdom, ideas, and experiences. 

We are thankful for the countless blessings you have bestowed upon us, both big and small. 

Help us to always remember to be grateful for all that we have, even during difficult times. We ask for your guidance as we move forward and pray that you continue to shower us with your love and grace. 

As we gather together in this ladies meeting, we come before you seeking guidance and wisdom. 

We need you, Lord. 

Please bless us with the ability to make wise decisions and discern the best path for our lives. 

Give us the knowledge and insight we need to face challenges with strength and determination. May your light shine upon us always, guiding our steps as continue in this ministry. 

We trust in your infinite wisdom and power, knowing that with your help, all things are possible. May we dream big for our women’s ministry, plan big, and try big things for your glory!

Father, bless us with the courage and determination to face each challenge that comes our way. 

Help us to remain steadfast in our faith even during times of uncertainty and doubt. May your love and grace sustain us as we navigate life’s ups and downs as a group of sisters. 

Even when we disagree, may we do so according to your will and your plan. Help us, Lord, check out egos at the door and do what is good and right for the entire team and not just for ourselves or our own interests.

Please guide us toward unity and fellowship and help us create an environment of love, support, understanding, and encouragement. 

May we be inspired to lift each other up, to listen with compassion and empathy, and to strengthen our bonds of sisterhood. 

Help us to celebrate each other’s victories and offer support during trying times. Together, may we grow stronger in faith and live lives that honor your teachings. 

Holy Spirit, we ask for your divine inspiration and creativity. 

Helps us see opportunities for ministry that will meet the needs of the women we hope to serve. 

Please give us fresh ideas and fresh anointing to create exactly what you would have us create. 

We recognize that each and every one of us has been blessed with unique talents and abilities. We pray that you help us to use these gifts to inspire and uplift others around us. 

Guide our minds and hearts towards fresh, innovative ideas that will help us make the most impact in our community. May we always seek to improve ourselves and our work so that we may better serve those around us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. 


Opening prayers for a ladies meeting should garner excitement, in my opinion. They should touch the hearts of the women at the meeting and subtly remind them the women’s ministry effort is all about what Jesus wants and how HE wants to do it.

Prayer stabilizes us – in our women’s ministry and in our lives as well. Need more reasons? I like this article called “Prayer is the Key of Successful Ministry” by Crickett Keeth. It’s featured on the Revive Our Hearts website. 

Prayer #2: The second of the opening prayer ideas for a ladies meeting

Heavenly Father, thank you for this opportunity for us to come together again. Lord, we pray that you will guide our hearts and our minds toward your desires for this women’s ministry. 

Father, I pray that you would help us to supernaturally hear your voice so that we will not venture into what is trendy or fun but stay focused on what you have for the women in this season. 

Help us to have clarity of thought and devotion of spirit. 

May we always remember that it’s not about us, but it’s all about you. We take no credit for anything that is produced out of this ministry, but we give all of the glory to you.

We know that all good and perfect gifts come from you, God, so we ask that you would give us the gift of creativity. 

Help us to see opportunities to create things that do not exist and see things natural eyes do not see. This includes seeing resources and the potential of those resources. 

We want this women’s ministry to be a bold and dynamic statement of your power and of your love. Show us how to do this, Father.

As we commit to praying regularly for the ministry, we pray that you will guide us by the Holy Spirit. Teach us how to align with your goals and objectives for it.

We pray, Father, that no weapon formed against this ministry will prosper in Jesus’ name. 

Further, we pray that any tongue that raises up against it will be condemned. We plead the blood of Jesus over this ministry and ask that you guard it against the attacks of the enemy.

Please let each resource last a long time and each dollar of our money stretch. Lead us to the best deals and sales so we can make excellent use of what we have. 

Lord, we ask that you guard our emotions so that we do not move in carnal or emotional ways. 

We ask that you guard our health and our families so that we will not have unnecessary distractions that would prevent us from performing ministry as you would have us do it.

Teach us the skill of balancing Ministry life with other areas of our lives. 

Thank you for choosing us to be involved in this ministry at this time. May You be glorified forever and ever.

In Jesus’ name, 


These prayers are designed to inspire you—no need to read them verbatim. For tips to support your women’s ministry team, click here to read my post. 

Areas to pay for your team: 

  • Family Life – peace within it and support of participating in women’s ministry. 
  • Health and Strength – pray God will give them the wisdom to guard their health and He will preserve their health.
  • Insecurity – pray against insecurity and low self-image. 
  • Spiritual Growth – pray they will grow closer to the Lord and mature in His statutes. 
  • Unity – pray they will be unified and work together collaboratively without ego, jealousy, or hidden agendas. 
  • Will recognize resources that will be beneficial to the women’s ministry.
  • Boldness to proclaim God’s word and perform ministry duties that may seem hard or impossible. 

Prayer is the cornerstone of any women’s ministry. Cover your prayer team and encourage them to cover one another. 

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Sample prayers for womens ministry meetings

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