FABULOUS Topics for a Women’s Conference
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FABULOUS Topics for a Women’s Conference

Sometimes, I feel I’ve planned and attended far too many Christian women’s conferences in my time. Why do I feel this way? Because they all seem to cover the same old topics year after year. This is why I want to present unusual topics for a women’s conference in this blog post. As you’re reading them, remember: these topics are for a conference-level event, even though they may sound like workshops. Actually, maybe they can be workshops, but that is not really what I’m envisioning here.

As you know, women attending women’s conferences gain a wealth of information and have wonderful opportunities to hear from knowledgeable and inspiring speakers.

From discussions about walking out one’s Christian faith to growing as a mature Christian woman, conferences can teach so many spiritual topics.

While that is nice, it is not enough.

Today’s Christian woman deals with so many struggles relative to the nation’s culture and the demands of their time – we need to present opportunities for women to grow in the world as well as spiritually.

That is exactly what I hope this post inspires you to create – dynamic CULTURALLY RELEVANT chances to learn how to navigate the world’s landscape as they lead ministries, manage families, and work in workplaces. Be sure to visit my other themes-inspired posts, too.

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Conference Topic 1: The Women of Optimism Conference (WOO)

A positive mindset is most certainly invaluable in life, and learning how to cultivate it can help improve overall well-being. Besides, it’s just part of being a Christian and having the Holy Spirit inside us.

Attending a women’s conference that speaks about developing a positive mindset will help individuals to understand the power of thoughts and how to replace negative ones with uplifting ones.

This can create healthier habits, reduce stress, and increase focus on desired outcomes. What a great overall theme – positivity!

Keynotes and workshop topics could be very comprehensive. For instance, invite a medical professional to discuss how the brain processes information.

Once, we had a Christian neuroscientist speak on the impacts of negative thinking and how to re-route thoughts. It was so insightful! It reminded me of the work of Dr. Carolyn Leaf.

Round out the offerings with spiritual help about the topic of walking positive, faith-filled lives.

Topic Idea 2 for a women’s conference: The Godly Ambition Conference

Every woman wants to achieve her goals, but it’s not always easy to find the motivation and energy to do so.

Through a combination of success stories from Christian women, the entire conference could focus on strategic goal-setting activities, writing personal mission statements, faith vision boards, and more.

You could even do a speed mentoring activity where women get 2 minutes with highly successful women from the community.

Women can learn about creating SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound – empowering you with the tools and confidence to take charge of your future!

Idea for women’s conference topic 3: The “No More Fear” Conference

Fear, stress, and anxiety are all too common in today’s hectic world.

It is essential to learn how to recognize and then manage them so they don’t become overwhelming and keep women from being who God called them to be.

This women’s conference topic can help women develop the skills to face their fears and push through challenging times with optimism and resilience.

The Bible tells us precisely how. Plan intentional workshops that give women opportunities to process through all the fears and anxiety associated with stepping out on faith.

I would recommend having a morning designed to guide women through reconnecting with their dreams or what they feel God has called them to do.

Along the same lines, the afternoon activities would focus on giving them the skills to manage fear and walk in faith.

If it were my conference, I’d round the day out with a strategic planning activity to get women toward the first step of recording the vision.

Who knows, someone could plan a ministry after the conference or write a book. Who knows what God could do through your women’s conference?

Give them the opportunity, the creative planning time, and the techniques for moving forward into the unknown.

Women's Christian Conference planning

Hold Up the Light Conference

This conference is all about evangelism. So many women want to evangelize but don’t know how or what to do. This conference could teach the practical steps of walking someone through the process of accepting Jesus.

It could also train women to spot opportunities or “open doors” to introduce Christian topics.

Finally, the women could have opportunities to role-play leading someone to Christ.

Of course, you could have a workshop that covers the scriptures women need to know to present the Gospel.

I love this idea!

Let’s talk about a few seminar topics for ladies’ workshops

In my opinion, everything that occurs during your women’s conference should be grounded in the topic you select. This means everything revolves around the topic (see my graphic below).

The decor should be related to the topic – I know you know that. But, link your workshops to the topic as well as the music too.

I, myself, have been guilty of planning conferences and choosing workshop topics that simply sounded good, but did not directly connect to the original topic.

Upon reflecting on those experiences, I feel I missed some amazing opportunities to help the women retain what they learned.

Had I spent more time coordinating the elements of the conference around the subject, I would have made it so much easier for the women to “connect the dots” of the conference and later remember what they learned after they left the women’s conference.

Screen Shot 2023 03 11 at 7.22.31 PM

Here are some topic ideas and potential workshop ideas… to align with your topic.

Explore religion and gender

  • How to advocate for yourself in ministry settings.
  • Understanding the power of submission without losing yourself.
  • Dealing with sexism in the church.
  • Unleashing the power of your faith like women heroes in the Bible.

Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities

  • Best practices to take control of your time. 
  • Organizing your time to make the most of every moment.
  • How not to be derailed by unexpected challenges.
  • Be aware of time wasters.

 Managing Emotions

  • Control your internal thoughts to minimize meltdowns and mental stress.
  • Learn prayer prompts to manage emotion during challenging times.
  • Discover conversational techniques to minimize conflict.
  • How to apply scripture to heated emotional situations.

 How to Become Self-Confident as a Christian woman

  • Learn best practices for walking in Godly boldness.
  • Translate negative thoughts into faith-filled, Bible-based meditations.
  • Differentiate God’s voice from your own voice using scripture.
  • Create a plan for learning to love yourself according to the scriptures.

 Assertive Communication Skills

  • Find out how to ask for exactly what you want without being mean or pushy.
  • Gain techniques to empower you to say no and not people-please.
  • Learn body language cues to garner respect as you communicate.
  • Understand what boundaries are and how to express them in love.

Dealing with Difficult People

  • Learn the characteristics of a bully and learn how to manage them.
  • Uncover the keys to building rapport with difficult people.
  • Learn how to manage your response to others when challenged.
  • Brainstorm ways to counter defensive responses.

Living with an unsaved husband

  • Letting your witness shine without being judgemental.
  • Balancing church life with home life.
  • Honoring your husband as your husband.
  • Ways to let your light shine in the home without being “preachy.”

 Getting It All Done in Life

  • Learn the top 3 ways to banish procrastination.
  • Ways to manage your energy and prioritize.
  • Minimizing life’s distractions and staying focused.
  • Leveraging the power of the siesta and self-care.

Finally, Women’s Ministry Leader

As you can see, I tried to come up with ideas that are “out of the normal” realm of women’s conference topics.

Frankly, I think some of them will raise a few eyebrows, and that’s okay.

I want to attend women’s conferences that solve a problem, not just one that hypes me up.

Don’t get me wrong, the hype is ok sometimes. But I want tools after I leave. Real tools. Strategies, that’s what I want.

See, in Christian circles, we seem to recycle the same topics over and over again.

Time out for that.

Today’s woman lives in a world utterly different from our grandmothers and mothers. Let’s help her stand up IN it and TO it. Amen?

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  1. Thank you so much this information help me out tremendously, our Spring conference is in March 2024
    Sisterhood ministry committee have prayed. Our kick off meeting with the lady will be in Feb.
    Thank for the helpful idea, like you I have attend so many conference now I and my team are the planner and its not a cake walk.
    With God’s guidance Our prayer is that the women come with great expectation and leave ready for the harvest.

  2. I am new with Women’s Ministry group and want to plan a Women’s Conference. I need interesting topics we can realize and be productive in. What?

    1. Hi Phyllis, Thanks for visiting. I hope you can find something on our site. Be sure to think about what women in your congregation/target audience are interested in and how they define productivity. You might also do a survey to see what their interests are as well.

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