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Women’s Ministry Theme 2023

Ok. When I started this blog post, I was going to feature one theme. But, I got carried away! So, you’ll find several ideas you can choose from! You’re welcome. 🙂 The way I see it is when you’re hosting a successful women’s ministry event, you must have the bangin’ theme. Whether it’s a night of pampering or an inspiring Christian women’s seminar, deciding on the right theme can make all the difference in creating an enjoyable and meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Plus, themes make an event more memorable…and more fun too!

Be sure to visit my tips for conceptual thinking about your theme.

A Mighty Woman of Valor

These days in which we live can produce SERIOUS anxiety if we don’t trust the Lord.

Think about it: a simple five o’clock news story triggers fear and trauma. But, God tells us not to fear and it’s important we meditate on His truths as women of God. Sometimes, we need reminders to do so.

This theme encourages women to be brave in the face of insecurity and doubt by focusing on encouraging stories of Christian women who have overcome great odds and triumphantly conquered in Jesus’ name.

Oh, how much fun you can have with this theme’s decor and overall vibe.

Maybe you could use an unusual juxtaposition of a warrior with a flower.

Using uplifting quotes from strong women of God – past and present – to link the women to legacies of overcomes. Use scriptures, and inspirational stories too.

I tell you, this theme is one that will bless the women with encouragement and remind them who they are in the Lord!

Outcome: Strength, boldness, power, and fearlessness

The key verse for this women’s ministry theme:
“…be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might”
Ephesians 6:10

One of my favorite themes for women’s groups!

Theme ideas
Idea #2
Women’s Theme Idea: “Not easily broken”

This women’s ministry theme encourages attendees to reach outside themselves and to open up and connect with other women in the Body of Christ.

Through this theme for women’s ministry, attendees can explore the power of faith and the power of encouraging each other during times of difficulty.

During this time, they can learn about strong friendships that exist (or existed) in the Body, the church, or the community. Show videos of testimonies of how women supported or blessed one another.

Host panel discussions of women sharing how sisterhood and community helped them through turmoil, or how the prayers and support of other Christian women helped them through life’s storms.

I’ve done quite a few panel discussions with Christian women. The keys to successful women’s panels are:

  1. Have a skilled moderator to keep everything moving and keep everyone on track.
  2. Don’t let it last too long. A panel is fun – until it’s not. Leave the women wanting more rather than wishing it were over.
  3. Allow the women to ask questions of the panel to keep the flow relevant to the audience.

More importantly, add an interactive component where everyone gets a chance to share their own personal stories and offer support for each other.

A good scripture for this theme: “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

Outcome: to reinforce our impervious bond as women and as Christian sisters.

Uniqueness and belonging can be two seemingly incompatible concepts, yet together they make a powerful statement for Jesus Christ.

God loves diversity that’s why He made us all so different.

This women’s ministry theme can focus on the beauty in unity and acceptance.

Christian women should celebrate the concept of Christian love, patience with one another, and embracing our differences with this theme for women’s ministries.

You can also research and highlight stories of people who found belonging and membership in places they could have felt isolated or alone. When I used this theme, I focused on resilience and longevity.

Key Bible verse:

Romans 15:7. Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

Outcome: to model the tolerance, acceptance, and compassion of Jesus with one another.

Read more about women’s ministry themes on

Women’s ministry themes can just be FUN and not be a learning activity linked to a higher ideal. Here are some ideas for women’s ministry themes I’ve tried and some I wish I’d tried in the past.

Pink flamingo theme
Theme idea #3
Pink Flamingo Theme

You could have everything drowned in hot pink with fun flamingos everywhere. You could also encourage the women to wear hot pink to go along with the theme.

movie theme for women's ministry
Theme Idea #4:
Old-School Hollywood

You could go in lots of directions with this women’s ministry theme. Women could dress as their favorite cinema characters or you could simply decorate the room with images of the golden era of film.

You could have pictures of Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, or Dorothy Dandridge.

Themes for womens ministry events

Red carpet theme for party
Women’s Event Theme Idea #4
Hollywood Red Carpet Fashion Show

This is a different rift on the above Hollywood women’s ministry theme idea. For this one, it’s all glam. Invite women to come dressed to the nines and feeling fine!

I like this one because very often when you buy a formal or semi-formal dress for a special event, you never get a chance to wear it again. This fun, ladies’ event gives them a chance to sport their elegance and wear that dress again!

Hey, don’t forget the red carpet! Party City and other party suppliers will have them or you can visit Amazon to grab one there. I am an Amazon affiliate which means I earn a commission from purchases. The commissions help me pay for this site.

ice cream social ministry theme
Women’s Theme #4
Ice Cream Themes

Serve delicious types of ice cream with this theme or have people bring ice cream makers and women can make their own.

If you do this theme, the women would bring toppings and ingredients needed so you can have a table featuring all the delectable ice cream ingredients and toppings. Include sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips, candies, crushed candy bars, whipped cream, and more.

Further, ladies could wear pastel colors representing their favorite ice cream or sherbet.

Garden party theme for women's ministry
Women’s Theme #5
Garden Party Theme

You can eat outside or bring the theme indoors for an elegant and girly garden party. Gardening, Etc. features some pretty ideas you can easily replicate for your ministry event. Visit and check them out.

winter theme
Women’s Miniswtry Theme #6
A Winter Wonderland

If you live in a state with seasons, the key to pulling this event off is not to have the winter wonderland in the winter months. It would be no fun to have a winter wonderland theme event in the middle of December if you live in Missouri.

Check out Felicia’s Event Design and Planning Pinterest board for ideas on how to decorate your wonderland theme. The board is called Winter Wonderland Theme Party.

Food Network’s the Kitchn gives some ideas of what you can serve for your women’s ministry theme event. The link is:

With this theme, I think the more you serve that is white, fluffy and yummy the better. You could serve pistachio salad, ambrosia, or cotton candy.

Here are some recipe links:

Ambrosia recipe from Food Network

Pistachio Salad recipe

womens ministry themes 2023
Women’s Theme #7
Black and White Themed Women’s Ministry Event

This one is pretty self-explanatory. The decor would be all black and white as would the food and the guests’ attire.

You’ve heard of the white parties they do nowadays, right? This is a similar rift on that theme. As simple as it sounds, it can be a lot of fun!

2023 women's ministry theme ideas
Women’s Theme #4
The Crown (Royalty)

Royal watchers will love this one.

For this brainless women’s ministry theme, the ladies can dress up in the order of their favorite royal from any time in history.

Don’t forget hats, fascinators, dresses, etc. if they are doing modern-day royals. Or they can choose their favorite character from the Netflix series “The Crown.”

Women's Tea
A similar women’s ministry theme:
Big Hat and Pearl Tee

Hands down, this is one of my favorite women’s ministry events to plan.

This event is essentially a tea party in which the ladies get to wear fun summery dresses, pearls, and big hats! It was an elegant, fun event. A couple of years we opted for a speaker, praise dancers, and a pianist.

Another year, we have a women’s panel discussing topics women are interested in exploring.

women's ministry themes - a big hat and pearl tea

One rather silly challenge was finding the cups and saucers. Seems, they are difficult to find at reasonable prices.

We decided to have the ladies bring their own tea cups and sauces since they would be able to purchase them for less money than the ministry would have to pay for a hundred of them. No one minded at all and some women brought family heirlooms. It was special.

Below is a pic of one of my teams preparing for an event. They were such a blessing! You must have a team!

Costume and dress-up

women’s ministry themes

You could have women come to the party dressed as:

  • A character from their favorite movie, cartoon, or book.
  • What they wanted to be when they grew up.
  • Dress in a way that references their favorite food or meal.
  • Dressed from their favorite decade.
  • Something relating to their favorite toy growing up.
  • A sports figure or their favorite sport.
  • Dress in specific colors – like black and gold, pretty in pink, etc.
  • Pie-jama party. You can have the theme be a pajama party where the ladies were appropriate pjs and the theme for the part could be pie. Have them bring all sorts of pies for the best pie buffet ever!
  • SOUP-er Bowl Party – have a potluck with different types of soups and the women can dress in sports attire.
  • Ugly Outfit Night – the women can wear whatever they want … as long as it’s UGLY! The ugliest outfit wins! Of course, the prize would be super ugly too.
  • Besties Matchy Matchy – have friends dress alike or in similar colors.
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