Brilliant agenda for a church ladies tea party
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Brilliant agenda for a church ladies tea party

I absolutely love women’s ministry-themed events – especially a Brilliant agenda for a church ladies tea party! You know, when my team and I plan something, we want to create an awesome vibe where everyone can unite, grow spiritually, and make real connections. Trust me; if you attend an event I plan, I want you to leave feeling totally pumped up and spiritually refreshed. I, on the other hand, will be exhausted, but that’s okay. I will give it my all, and that’s par for the course as a ministry leader. One of my favorite ideas for an event is a church ladies tea party. I hope I can help you host a sophisticated tea party with a fun Christian twist. I love ladies tea parties and find them to be my most successful women’s ministry events – other than travel. 

Decorate with elegant teacups and floral arrangements, and invite a guest speaker to share a message of faith. 

Before I take a deep dive into my agenda for a church ladies tea party, review the table of contents below:

It will be challenging to find the teacups for your church ladies tea party.

At least, it has been in my experience.

I always ask the participants to bring their own. It was awe-inspiring to see how creative the ladies were. They went to thrift stores; some sets they bought from estate sales, and others bought their grandmother’s cups and saucers. It really was special and sweet!

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Guests can enjoy tea, finger foods, and meaningful conversations while growing in the Lord and making friends too!

Note: For Google search reasons, I am intentionally spelling “LADIES” without an apostrophe.

A Church Ladies Tea Party

I. Greeting and Welcome – Ministry Leader (10 minutes)

The women’s ministry leader could say something like: 

  • “It brings us immense joy to welcome each and every one of you to our women’s ministry Tea Party today. We are gathered here as daughters of the King, as women of faith, and as a community united by our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • In a world that often pulls us, Christian women, in various directions, it’s a precious gift to come together in the presence of God and one another. Whether you’re a long-time member of our church’s women’s ministry or joining us for the first time, we want you to know you are welcome and among sisters.  I and my team are so grateful you took the time to be with us today. 
  • I sincerely hope that after your time here, you leave feeling inspired and with a clearer sense of your Godly purpose.
  • Again, thank you for being here and a part of our sisterhood today. Let’s make the most of this time and have a good old Holy Spirit blast!”

An Icebreaker Idea for you!
(Inspired by:

Purse Game – Scavenger Hunt to add to your agenda for a church ladies tea party.

This could be a fun activity if you break the women into teams (e.g., each table is a team). 

Break the ice with this entertaining introductory purse game. Divide the women into two teams. Give each group the following list of items that women may have in their purses:


Expired drivers license



Lotion that smells like a plant

Eyeglasses cleaner

Ticket stub

Store receipt

A picture of a child, grandchild, or niece

Pill bottle

Child’s toy

Hair clip

A roll or piece of candy or a candy bar

A comb

A piece of gum (chewed or unchewed. 🙂

Dental floss

A gift card

II. Opening Prayer and Devotional for a church ladies tea party (15 minutes)

– Begin with a prayer to set a Holy Spirit-focused atmosphere.

– Have a scripture read to further focus the women on the higher purpose of the tea party (i.e., Jesus!)

Don’t forget worship!

  • Have praise and worship as a large group
  • Invite a Christian soloist
  • Have praise dancers
Planning a church ladies tea party

III. Tea and Refreshments (30 minutes)

– Serve an unusual selection of teas, coffee, and light refreshments.

You could have teen girls as servers, or you can opt to create a self-service buffet.
If you utilize teens’ services, ensure they understand they are serving the Lord and that everyone is needed to make the Kingdom strong. It gives them a sense of purpose.
Gift them some
a love gift after. 

– Allow attendees to mingle and connect while enjoying their drinks and snacks.

IV. The Guest Speaker Presentation (20 minutes)

– Introduce the guest speaker, who will share an inspirational message about our Christian faith, women’s journey, or the event’s theme.

– Include a Q&A session afterward to encourage engagement and deeper discussion. If you need tips on vetting a Christian woman speaker, click here.

– allow the women a chance to just reflect. This isn’t often ignored and overlooked part of the learning process. Give them about five minutes to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

Note: Some great praise and worship music could be playing softly in the background. Then call them back for a journaling activity. 

V. A Fun Creative Activity: Bible Journaling (30 minutes)

– Before the event, you could ask each woman to bring some art supplies and guide them through a super fun Bible journaling activity.  For events like this, I usually simply go to the dollar tree and bring the supplies myself. Sometimes, the church will purchase it, which is always better when possible

– Encourage the ladies to reflect on the devotional message of what they feel the Holy Spirit is saying and to express their thoughts creatively.

VI. Group Discussion and Sharing (toward the end of your church ladies tea party (20 minutes)

– Break the ladies into small groups for guided discussions about the devotional message and its application to daily life.

Sample guided questions you ask them to ponder could be:

Ask: How Does This Apply to Your Life?

Encourage the Christian ladies to connect the new knowledge the speaker shared or skills they learned to their own lives. How can they incorporate their knowledge into their daily routines, relationships, or decision-making?

Ask: What Surprised You or Stood Out?

Prompt Christian ladies to identify any unexpected findings or moments that stood out to them during the activity. This can lead to a deeper exploration of different perspectives or aspects of the content.

Ask: What Questions or Clarifications Do You Have?

Provide a space for Christian ladies to ask any questions about the material covered. This can help address misunderstandings and ensure that everyone leaves with a clear understanding.

– After they have had an opportunity total, have each group shares their insights, encouraging personal connections and learning from one another. This debrief session can be eliminated if you have a large group – but still, let them talk at their tables. 

VII. Prayer and Worship – an essential part of a Church Ladies Tea Party(15 minutes)

– Lead the group of women in a time of prayer and gratitude to the Father. 

– Play worship songs or hymns for a brief time of worship.

 You can never have too much worship. He is worthy!!!

VIII. Closing Remarks and Sending Forth (10 minutes)

– Thank everyone again for their participation and engagement.

– Share information about upcoming events or opportunities within the women’s ministry.

– Offer a closing prayer to bless the ladies. 

Bonus: Fellowship and Networking (Optional)

– Allow additional time for attendees to connect, exchange contact information, and continue conversations.

Remember to tailor the agenda to your women’s ministry’s specific theme and goals.

If you want to compare this agenda with a Women’s Prayer Breakfast Agenda, click here.

Well, that’s it. Let’s conclude.

Feel free to make this work for your group of ladies at your tea party. You can add time to some areas and shorten others. It’s your event. Simply pray about what God wants to accomplish. Follow His leadership and watch the Holy Spirit work!

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