A Prayer for Women’s Groups
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A Prayer for Women’s Groups

Hey, Let’s talk about prayer circles, a prayer for women’s groups, and how we can unite in the spirit of prayer. As you know, life can be unpredictable and just plain hard at times. It helps to have a strong, supportive group of prayer warriors in your camp. Women’s ministries are perfect for this type of group. For many women, prayer circles have become a powerful way to grow spiritually while building lasting relationships with other ladies. I’ve heard of AND been part of some early phone line prayer groups for years. They were powerful. Nowadays, you have virtual groups and text prayer groups.

It is undeniable – these groups make a difference in the lives of women.

You can play a role in creating one!

I have lots of ideas that may help!

But, it’s important to understand the “why” of women’s prayer groups so you can craft prayer groups that are intentional and customized for your women. I don’t think these types of ministry are “one size fits all”. In my summation, that is the reason so many of them fail – they try to make them one size fits all. What do you think?

Note: if you are looking for a specific example of a prayer for women’s groups – scroll to the end. Otherwise, let’s talk about creating a circle of prayer for women’s groups.

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Why start a women’s prayer group?

These groups offer a safe space for women to share their struggles and joys, and to lift each other up in prayer. Whether it’s dealing with illness, marriage problems, financial hardships, or personal struggles, prayer circles can provide a sense of community and comfort.

That is a formidable reason to have a program that focuses on building prayer for women’s groups.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of prayer circles and how women’s groups can come together to support one another through the power of prayer.

So, let’s dive in and discover how these circles can help us navigate life’s challenges with grace, strength, and faith.

The Power of Prayer Circles

Prayer circles have been around for centuries, and they have been used by Christians to come together in prayer.

These circles are typically made up of a group of people who gather to pray for a specific intention or purpose. In the case of women’s prayer circles, they are often formed to provide a sense of community, support, and comfort to one another. I believe something powerful happens when women, in particular, pray.

Aside from the wonder of praying to the God of the universe, the power of prayer circles lies in the collective faith and intention of the group. It’s more than just coming together “hoping” prayer works. No, the collective faith in Jesus is what makes the prayer circle effective.

Women are powerful prayer warriors!

Women have a way of just trusting God at face value. It’s a gift, I think. No offense to the men in the Body of Christ, but they are at times so busy trying to figure things out and fix things on their own their faith is challenged.

Sure, they can believe in God as we do, but I think they are “fixers” by nature. That’s why you often have to tell men, “Just listen to me…don’t try to fix it…just listen.”

Anyway, the whole concept of prayer for women’s groups is powerful because the Holy Spirit works as we trust Jesus. That’s when you see lives changed.

You see miracles happen.

Women’s ministry can be the catalyst for these amazing, powerful manifestations of God’s power.

Another thing is that prayer for women’s groups helps create a sense of connection and unity. I can’t explain it, but when women pray together, they grow closer. They develop bonds and become invested in the lives of the other people they are praying with.

I’ll bet that is why the saying “a family that prays together stays together” is so resonant.

Without a doubt, when it comes to women’s prayer circles, the power of these groups is often amplified by the strong bonds of sisterhood and a sense of community.

People will be able to encourage and mentor others because they may have been through a trial someone else is currently going through. Whether it’s dealing with illness, financial hardships, or personal struggles, women can find comfort and strength in the support of their spiritual sisters.

I have an example!

I lead a ministers’ wives ministry. For context, and in case you don’t know what this group is, the women are married to ministers in our church. I am married to the senior pastor.

As I was recently struggling with losing a parent to Alzheimer’s, another sister was dealing with the same adversities.

It helped to talk to her and pray with her because I knew she understood my trauma and sense of loss. She knew my pain.

I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have ever experienced that comfort had we not been part of the same women’s ministry.

This sense of connection can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation and help women feel more grounded and centered. Women’s ministries should do more of these sorts of programs.

Activities are okay, but women need support systems and the opportunity to pray together.

Just as a sort of logic naturally rules men, women are naturally caregivers and nurturers, and these qualities are often amplified when women come together in prayer.

Through the act of regularly praying for one another, women can build a robust network of support that can help them to navigate life’s challenges with grace, strength, and faith.

Your women’s ministry can bring that to fruition. Think about it.

The best part of women’s prayer group is it draws you [all] closer to Jesus

In addition to moving mountains and bringing everyone closer to one another, praying together can help deepen each person’s spiritual discipline of prayer.

Every so often, a woman in my church reaches out to me because she is struggling. I typically pray with her, but sometimes, the Holy Spirit leads me to begin a prayer circle with her in which I pray with her daily for a season.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We wake at 6:00 a.m. to pray.
  2. We say nothing more than “Good morning” and begin praying. The time is sacred.
  3. After each of us prays, we hang up and end the call.

It’s that simple. That is not a time for venting. It’s not a time for chit-chat. It’s a time for prayer.

Let me tell you, each time I have one of those seasons, I come out stronger than ever in MY OWN PRAYER life.

Yes, prayer for women’s groups and in women’s groups can build strong prayer warriors.

There are many benefits to participating in a women’s prayer circle. I hope I shared some you can use to advocate for having one in your church.

How to start a women's prayer circle

How to Start a Women’s Prayer Circle?

Starting a women’s prayer circle is easier than you might think.

Below are a few steps to help you get started:

1. Identify the Purpose for Your Women’s Prayer Circle

The first step in starting a women’s prayer circle is identifying your purpose. What is the intention of your group? Is it to provide support for one another during difficult times? Is it to deepen a spiritual practice (i.e., prayer mentoring, prayer journaling, or interceding?) Once you have identified your purpose, you can begin to think about who you would like to invite to join your circle.

2. Invite Participants

The next step is to invite participants to join your circle. You can start by reaching out to friends or family members who you think might be interested in participating. You can also post about your circle on social media or in online forums to attract participants.

3. Set a Date and Time

Once you have identified your purpose and invited participants, schedule your first meeting. You can choose to meet in person or virtually, depending on what works best for your group.

4. Create a Structure

Before your first meeting, creating a structure for your prayer circle is super helpful. This might include determining an intention for each meeting, deciding on a format for sharing and prayer, and establishing guidelines for confidentiality and respect.

The structure of a women’s prayer circle can vary depending on the group’s preferences and intentions. However, there are a few common elements that are often included:

1. Opening Prayer

Most prayer circles begin with an opening prayer or meditation to help center the group’s energy and focus their intentions.

2. Sharing and “doing life”

After the opening prayer, the group will often move into a time of sharing. I open every meeting with my groups with sharing. This is a time for each member of the group to share their struggles, joys, and intentions for the circle.

3. Prayer

After sharing, the group will move into a time of prayer. This can involve praying for each member of the group individually or praying for a specific intention or purpose. More about that later.

4. Closing Prayer

Most prayer circles will end with a closing prayer or meditation to help center the group’s energy and express gratitude for the support and community that has been created.

A Free Prayer Template

I created a template you can use for organizing your prayer intentions. I think it helps you and your prayer circle to know what you’re praying for and document the type of prayer. The most important part is the praise report! Want to build faith? Document how God answers prayers. Keep those in a digital folder or a binder.

Reflection is part of worship because you remember – as a group – what God has done. Then, it is only natural to praise Him for it! Click here to access it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14YdrH5HdX8_fZhyP2BdXKBnfxMlVT6Qj/view?usp=sharing

(Sign in to Google, and you can save it to your women’s ministry’s Google Drive)

Free prayer template page

Setting the Intentions for Prayer Circles

This is akin to the structure of your prayer group (See number 4 above).

Setting intentions is an important part of any prayer circle. Intentions help to focus the group’s energy and create a sense of purpose. Each meeting can have a different intention.

When setting intentions for your prayer circle, it’s important to be clear and specific. Below are a few tips for setting intentions:

1. Be, well… Specific

When setting intentions, it’s important to be as specific as possible. This helps to focus the group’s energy and creates a sense of purpose. For example, instead of setting an intention for “health,” you might set an intention for “healing from a specific illness.”

2. Be Positive

When setting intentions, it’s important to focus on positive outcomes.

Rather than setting an intention to “avoid financial hardship,” you might set an intention for “financial abundance.” You can pray for the faith to tithe and for the Holy Spirit to help everyone with money management.

What is the role of the leader in a women’s prayer circle?

The role of the leader in a women’s prayer circle is to help facilitate the group’s intentions and create a safe and supportive space for sharing and prayer.

Be stern about your intolerance for foolishness like gossip and hidden agendas. Make the expectation clear for confidentiality and Godly integrity.

Below are a few tips for being an effective leader of a women’s prayer circle:

1. Listen

The most important part of being a leader in a prayer circle is to listen. This means providing a safe and non-judgmental space for each member of the group to share their struggles and joys.

2. Facilitate

The leader should also help to facilitate the group’s intentions and create a structure for sharing and prayer. Don’t let one person dominate the time. Also, beware of letting the tone of the prayer circle become negative. Keep it praise-worthy and pivot the conversations when necessary. Always link back to scripture. Keep it positive while keeping it authentic.

3. Be Supportive

The leader should be supportive of each member of the group and provide encouragement and guidance where needed.

Types of Prayers in a Women’s Prayer Circle

There are many types of prayers that can be used in a women’s prayer circle. Before your prayer group begins a season of prayer, it would be a great idea to do a Bible study on the types of prayer or even have a discussion about them.

Below are a few examples:

1. Intercessory Prayer

Intercessory prayer involves praying for someone else’s needs or intentions. I mentioned it above as an intention of prayer.

2. Petition Prayer

Petition prayer involves asking for specific needs or intentions to be met.

3. Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving prayer involves expressing gratitude for blessings and joys in one’s life. Praising God for HIs goodness and for who He is!

4. Praise Prayer

Praise prayer involves praising and honoring God for His presence and guidance in one’s life.

Tips for Hosting a Successful Women’s Prayer Circle

1. Create a Safe Space

I believe the most important part of hosting a successful prayer circle is to create a safe space for sharing and prayer. This means establishing guidelines for confidentiality and respect and providing a non-judgmental space for each woman in the group.

2. Be Clear and Specific

When setting intentions and establishing a structure for the circle, it’s important to be clear and specific. This helps to focus the group’s energy and creates a sense of purpose.

3. Be Consistent

Oh boy! This is an important one.

Consistency is key when it comes to hosting a successful prayer circle. Try to establish a regular meeting time and stick to it as much as possible. Once you miss too many meetings, the momentum is lost. Then, it runs the risk of just fading away.

4. Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is an important part of any prayer circle. Take time to express gratitude for the support and community that has been created. Tell one another what the group means to you. I’ve found it often happens naturally. I’ll hear things like “I thank God for this group,” or when we pray, they expressly praise God for the prayer circles. 🙂

Testimonials from Women’s Prayer Circles

“I have been a part of a women’s prayer circle for over a year now, and it has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. The support and love I have received from my sisters in the circle has helped me navigate some of the most challenging times in my life with grace and strength.” Grace

“Being a part of a women’s prayer circle has helped me to deepen my connection to a higher power and to feel more grounded and centered in my life. The support and encouragement that I have received from my sisters in the circle has been invaluable.”

“Participating in a women’s prayer circle has helped me to feel less alone in my struggles and to know that other women are going through similar challenges. The sense of community and sisterhood that I have experienced in the circle has been a true blessing.”

An Actual Prayer for Women’s Group

Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for bringing us together in your name. We want to be like the disciples who devoted themselves to prayer and fellowship (Act 2:42). Lord, we know you move as your people pray, and we are gathered here in great expectation of what you can do for your people, for families, for nations, and for the world.

Teach us to pray unselfishly and according to your will. You’ve created us for your glory (Isaiah 43:7) please help us to bring glory to your name. Help us to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. Helps us to know when you want us to move, when you want us to be still, and when you want us to just … be.

Lord, forgive us for the times we have gone our own way. Lord, sometimes we see a path and think it is right. That can lead us to death. Proverbs 14:12.

We want to live in You. Instead, teach us to listen to your voice and to follow your statutes. Help us to rely on You and allow You to direct our paths and not lean to our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

We are mothers, and we want to raise our children in the admonition of the Lord (Ephesians 6:4). We don’t want the world to infect them with its poison. As wives, we want to love our husbands (Ephesians 5:22) and submit to them as unto you. Give us a spirit to be peacemakers in our homes Romans 14:19 and with everyone we encounter.

In the spirit of Sisterhood, please draw us closer together, Lord. Please don’t let us fall prey to the enemy’s plan of cliques and division; instead, let us be united in the love of Christ (I Corinthians 1:10).

Help us to see one another as you see us – with grace, mercy, and patience. Give us the power to see and be longsuffering with one another (Eph 4:2) and never harbor jealousy or ill will. Knit us together in love so we may do good works and bring glory to your name.

We love you, and thank you for bringing us together.

In Jesus’ name,


All this to say…

In conclusion, women’s prayer circles can provide a powerful network of support and community for women who are navigating life’s challenges.

Through the power of prayer and sisterhood, women can find comfort, strength, and faith in one another. Whether you’re looking to start your own prayer circle or join an existing one, the benefits of these circles are clear. So, take the first step and start creating your own network of support and community through the power of prayer circles.

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