Creative Women’s Ministry Event Ideas
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Creative Women’s Ministry Event Ideas

Before I get to women’s ministry event ideas, let’s talk about why women’s ministry is important. Women in leadership are an important part of any organization. Women’s ministry in churches is no different.  Women are increasingly taking up leadership roles in various industries and organizations.  This has led to the emergence of women’s ministry, which focuses on empowering women to take up positions of power and influence in the Body of Christ.  Women must be encouraged, whole, and trained to soar for that to happen.  This is a terrific goal for any women’s ministry.  

It matters—women’s ministry matters. 

What do Women’s Ministries do? Women’s ministries are often parts of the local church body.  However, they can be organizations that focus on empowering women and providing them with the resources they need to succeed in their spiritual lives. These ministries can provide mentorship programs, career guidance, and other services that help women become better versions of themselves. 

Women’s Ministry Event Ideas – What is most effective?

Ideas that are fun, easy to attend, and low emotional risk are the most effective women’s ministry events.

First, who doesn’t want to have fun, right? However, fun is a very relative term. What is fun for one person is torture for another. That is why it is useful to consider varied personality types when planning women’s events. Read my post about the personality tool I use for planning. Additionally, you want to plan for extroverts AND for introverts. I give you some tips in the above-referenced article.

I think this is why it is incredibly important to have more than one person planning women’s ministry events. You need to have various opinions at the planning table. Every one of your women’s ministry event ideas should be inclusive (socially and emotionally), and make sure it hits a variety of fun “notes.”

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ideas for women's ministry

The key is not trying to force relationships. In my opinion, these items are most effective in women’s ministry.

Women’s ministry can provide a platform for women to share their experiences, gain knowledge, and develop skills to help them become better leaders. It also provides an opportunity for women to network with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about making a difference in their communities. 

By providing support and resources, women’s ministry event ideas can help create strong female leaders who can make positive changes in their churches and communities.

Build faith and spiritual resolve.

Women’s ministry is an important part of the Christian faith. 

It is a way for women to come together and share their faith, support each other, and grow in their relationship with God. No woman is meant to be an island. God designed us to be in fellowship with one another.  A well-organized women’s ministry can meet this need. Some of the best women’s ministry event ideas include bringing women together in fellowship.

Additionally, women’s ministries provide a safe space for women to discuss important issues and find strength in each other’s stories. Testimonies are powerful faith-building tools. These women’s event ministry ideas can create a safe platform for sharing testimonies and encouraging women in similar situations. 

Don’t forget about the service!  

Women can come together to minister to others and meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women outside the faith. This can happen through outreach programs, mentoring, and more. 

Fresh ideas for women’s ministry: 

Create a women’s clothing closet for women in need.

Visit women in prisons or halfway or prison release houses. Gather clothes for them to transition back into society.

Visiting the elderly to encourage them and bless them is one of my favorite women’s ministry ideas. You guys can do a craft with them or a quilting circle.

Design encouraging events for children whose parents are in ministry (i.e., PKs or preachers’ kids).

Plan regular personal development workshops for women to grow spiritually or get career advice.

Create single-mom support groups, movie nights, babysitting for an evening, etc.

Have an all-girls game night. Ask everyone to bring a board game and organize tables for a night of fun and fellowship. Need some ideas? I have you covered in my previous blog post. Click to view.

Have a monthly marriage discussion about conquering the challenges of being Godly wife. This is a good opportunity to invite women from the church or community who have had lengthy marriages. They can come and share secrets of success. A panel discussion would be great for this topic.

Take a staycation. Find a little-known place around your town or city and plan a trip for the women’s ministry to visit it.

Painting parties have become quite popular. Host a painting party with the ladies in your women’s ministry.

Regularly reach out to female college students from the church and provide encouragement, snacks, financial resources, and scriptures. 

Organize all-girl movie nights or “girls’ night out” around Christian or faith-building topics.

Have Christian book clubs around specific topics relevant to women. 

Have craft nights exploring the latest trends and crafting and DIY trends.

Go bowling together. Ask the ladies to all wear the same color. 

Take a cooking lesson together. 

Organize a women’s tea breakfast, a women’s prayer breakfast, or a big hat and pearls tea!

Have Bible scrapbooking nights. Women can create scrapbooks around personal goals or areas they want to grow in. Think of it as a vision board but done in a scrapbooking format.

Have fashion or accessory swaps. Simply have the ladies bring items they no longer want or need from their closet.  Organize the items elegantly as would be done in a boutique, and the women can shop and swap items.

Exercise together by meeting weekly and doing an exercise video from YouTube. Leslie Sansone’s videos are fairly accessible for anybody, regardless of their fitness level.

Go glamping in someone’s backyard. Women can pitch tents in someone’s backyard and enjoy an evening under the stars in a safe environment.

This will not be for everyone, but you could do a sports-focused women’s ministry event. As I type this, pickleball is becoming incredibly popular. If the weather allows it, go outside for athletic activity. Also, if your church is large enough to host a pickleball tournament – that would be a blast!

Go on a fun hike somewhere around town. Just about every town or city has a rural area that will allow for a nice long walk. Find a nice walking trail and create conversation-starters so the women will engage and talk to one another while getting some steps in!

Connecting mentors and mentees in a safe and nurturing environment can enormously impact the spiritual development of young women in your church. The focus should be on creating meaningful relationships between individuals so the mentees can gain support, guidance, encouragement, and wisdom from the seasoned Christian women leading the group. You can also develop a mentoring curriculum focused on prayer, scripture study and memorization, service within the church and community, and Christian living.

Create a women’s ministry video campaign to educate or inspire others. A campaign is more than one. It has a vision and a plan and is broken into small, digestible chunks. It’s designed to produce an outcome in small installments. 

Women’s ministry is a vital part of the Christian church and provides an invaluable service to its members. Find ways to get the women together and to build relationships with one another. 

It really does make a difference and provides a platform for women to come together and share their faith and experiences to support one another in their spiritual journey.

Remember this about your women’s ministry:

For certain, women’s ministry is an important part of the Christian faith – it is not just about coming together for the sake of coming together. That is why I think there is value in creating meaningful women’s ministry event ideas.

It is a way to empower and encourage women to use their gifts and talents in service to God. For most women, they need an “in” before they can begin to actively engage in church or a ministry. Women’s ministry can be that “in” for them.

It will provide that all-important opportunity for women to come together in fellowship and prayer, not to mention Bible study from time to time. 

Women’s ministry is a medium for spiritual growth and a vehicle for interest to be sparked, relationships to be built, and women to build sisterhood.

I also love Madison’s women’s ministry event ideas in the video below. Check it out!

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Be bold in your ministry, Christian Ministry Leader!

Women's Ministry Event Ideas

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