A Women’s Ministry Mission Statement
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A Women’s Ministry Mission Statement

I’ve been on quite a mental tangent lately. If you’ve noticed my most recent women’s ministry articles, you see I’m writing about goals, objectives, and other key foundational women’s ministry planning processes. Though I’ve referenced a women’s ministry mission statement in this post, I would like to take a deeper dive here so you’ll be completely equipped to craft yours.  

You see, crafting a mission statement for your Women’s Ministry is an important way to articulate the purpose of your ministry and serve to attract the right members to it. It is a foundational step in building a women’s ministry. You need the mission statement to draft the women’s ministry guidelines. Be sure to check out the link.

With my step-by-step guide, you can create an effective mission statement that will help your ministry reach its goals and positively impact those around it. Or, at least, I’ll inspire you to start the process. 🙂

The first step in a women’s ministry mission statement

To write a women’s ministry mission statement, start by identifying the purpose and goals of the ministry.

Consider the needs and interests of the women in your community, and think about how the ministry can serve and support them.

Use clear and concise language to articulate your mission and ensure it aligns with your organization’s values and beliefs.

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Then, you have to review and revise your statement regularly to ensure it remains relevant and effective.

Before crafting your women’s ministry mission statement, it’s important to identify your target audience and their needs.

Think about it for a moment: Who are the women you want to reach?

What are their struggles, challenges, and aspirations? Understanding your audience will help you create a mission statement that resonates with them and addresses their specific needs.

You can gather this information through surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one conversations with women in your community.

Once you clearly understand your target audience, you can craft a mission statement that speaks directly to their hearts and minds.

women's ministry mission statement

What is a women’s ministry mission statement? It is a one-sentence statement detailing why the ministry exists.  It conveys what it does, why it does it, and exactly whom it benefits. A women’s ministry mission statement can be one to two sentences long but should never exceed that. 

I think the reason more women’s ministries don’t create these foundational documents is that they don’t know how or where to start. I pray I can help with that now.

Step 1 in defining your women’s ministry mission statement and the women’s ministry goals and objectives. 

The very first step in defining your mission statement is to gather more minds to think through and brainstorm the process. In just about every article I write, I admonish you not to do the planning process alone. As I mentioned in my goals and objectives article, you want to have various perspectives and age groups involved in the planning process. 

This ensures a comprehensive Mission statement that everyone can be excited about. 

“Remember… no involvement, no commitment” (Larson, 1998).

In my humble opinion, the only thing you can do alone is write the ministry vision statement. A leader needs to establish a vision. All of the other organizational processes can – and should – emerge from it.

It’s also useful to ask yourself: 

  1. What problems are we solving with our women’s ministry? 
  2. What are (or will we do) to address those needs?
  3. What principles or scriptural base guides the work we will do?

Step 2: Determine Your Goals and Objectives

If you have not done so, please visit and read my article on creating your women’s ministry goals and objectives. 

Ideally, you would create your mission statement before creating your goals and objectives. However, if you’re reading this now, it’s OK to do both simultaneously. No harm done, Women’s Ministry Leader. 

While I think this is a logical trajectory, I don’t want you to get caught up in chronology.

Regardless of where you are in the process, step one is to determine what it is that you want your ministry to achieve or accomplish. 

Think about the ultimate goals and objectives of the women’s ministry, then use those as a foundation for creating your mission statement.

As I mentioned, the order is not written in stone. In fact, you can write your goals, objectives, and mission statements in one sitting. However, you absolutely must have some other eyes late on it. You want other people to look at it and provide feedback.

Remember, to be meaningful and coherent, your mission statement should reflect your goals and objectives.

Everything should fit together as if you were building a pyramid. At the very bottom or foundation of the pyramid is the vision statement.

Branching up from the vision statement is the mission statement. From there, I like to add the goals and objectives.

ice cream social ministry theme

Allow me to sidetrack with a few examples of really good mission statements, okay?

First is the one crafted by Google:

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Google’s mission statement is focused on its core business of organizing information and making it accessible to everyone.

This statement reflects their commitment to providing valuable and relevant information to their users while also highlighting their goal of making that information accessible to as many people as possible.

As they are focusing on this mission, Google has become one of the world’s most successful and influential companies. Plus, they likely brought you right here to me. 🙂

Secondly, how about Nike?

Nike’s mission statement is: “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

I think Nike’s mission statement is all about inspiring and innovating athletes worldwide.

This statement reflects their commitment to creating products and experiences that help athletes of all levels achieve their goals.

This mission – in my humble opinion – Nike has become one of the most recognizable and successful brands in the world of sports and fitness. Their mission statement inspires their customers and employees to strive for excellence and innovation in everything they do.


The third example of a powerful mission statement is Amazon’s!

“To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”

Now, I’ve had a few experiences with Amazon that confirm this is largely true. They returned items and went the distance to make sure I was happy.

Amazon’s mission statement is focused on putting the customer first. By striving to be the most customer-centric company, Amazon has become a leader in the world of e-commerce, and I don’t doubt why.

Its mission statement reflects its commitment to providing a wide range of products and services that meet the needs of its customers.

This focus on the customer has helped Amazon to build a loyal customer base and establish itself as a trusted brand in the online marketplace.

My final mission statement example to inspire you for writing your own is Microsoft’s: “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

Microsoft’s mission statement is all about empowerment and, I would even say, efficiency.

By providing tools and technology that help people and organizations achieve more, Microsoft has become a leader in the world of software and technology. Have you used Microsoft Office? If so, it’s hard to debate their mission.

In fact, I think their mission statement reflects their commitment to innovation and their belief that technology can be a powerful force for positive change in the world. By empowering people and organizations to achieve more, Microsoft has helped to transform the way we work, learn, and communicate. It is wild how much they have changed our world, isn’t it?

women ministry mission statement ideas

Vision Statement for Women’s Ministry

The difference between a ministry mission statement and a vision statement

Let me briefly remind you what differentiates the mission statement from the vision statement.

The vision statement is your ideal state after you have begun doing the women’s ministry effort you set out to do. As I’ve said in my previous blog post, the vision statement is aspirational.

It reaches into the future and is the substance of your women’s ministry dreams.

On the other hand, the mission statement is the fraternal twin of the vision statement, except it looks different.

It will exemplify why you are doing what you’re doing and why that future state you dream of is important and meaningful.

I’m being a little cute with my words here. In the end, a vision statement is what you want, and the mission statement is who you are. Simply put.

Write An Inspirational Vision Statement for the Women’s Ministry

Some sources feel you should write your mission statement first and then write an inspirational vision statement. This statement should encapsulate what you hope to accomplish with your ministry and as a group. 

You can use this as a roadmap for future activities and ensure your ministry focuses on accomplishing its goals. Be creative and challenge yourself to write something impactful!

Step 3: Identify Your Values and Beliefs.

When crafting your mission statement, I then consider the values and beliefs your women’s ministry wants to uphold or espouse. 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? 

Is there specific scripture or biblical teachings on which you want to base your ministry’s activities? 

How do you want people to view the women’s ministry?

This is a great opportunity to reflect on your values and beliefs in a meaningful way.

In my trainings and coaching, I always say values for a person embody who that person is when the lights are off. It’s who they are when no one is around. It is who they are at their core.

For instance, at my very core, I am a certifiable cuckoo bird.

I love to laugh, and I enjoy making others laugh too. It is no doubt one of my values his humor. What do you want the values of your women’s ministry to be?  How can you reflect that in your mission statement?

Mission statement for women's ministry

Step 4: Start writing…like… NOW!

The mission statements I have written for ministries I’ve been involved in or at least have led, the word “fun” always surfaces. Fun is important to me and one of my core values as a leader.

Begin to create a clear, concise mission statement for the women’s ministry.

Begin by reflecting on the purpose of your Women’s Ministry.

Next, consider why you have come together, your unique values and beliefs, what goals you want to achieve, and the impact you want to have on women.

From that, create a meaningful and inspirational mission statement! 

  1. Choose a verb to capture what you “do” (for example: empower, educate, inspire, teach, help, etc.)
  2. Select the recipients of your women’s ministry (i.e., all women, women over 40, women under 20, single mothers, grandmothers raising children, etc.)
  3. The end result is the next part.  What is the outcome of what your ministry does, the women it helps, and say the difference it will make? 
  4. Optional: build upon number one to state what you do and how you do it. 

Example of a women’s ministry mission statement: 

Our mission is to increase a sense of belonging among the women of Shiloh Lutheran Church so they will feel loved and part of a strong sisterhood by attending fun, engaging women’s events. 

Values: togetherness, tolerance, love, and unity

Did you ever diagram sentences in school? 

Gee, I hated doing that. Nevertheless, let me do a light version of it so you can see how I followed the above formula to write a fabulous women’s ministry mission statement!

Ensure your women’s ministry mission statement is clear and straightforward and accurately communicates your vision. Consider using action words like “inspire,” “empower,” or “support” to make it more tangible. These words will also spark passion and excitement about the work. 

Doing so will attract like-minded people. It may also attract support, and it will definitely keep your volunteers and members committed.

5. Take steps to implement the mission statement with strategic planning and execution.

Writing a mission statement is only the first step, Christian Ministry Sister. 

The next step is to develop strategies to achieve that mission. That is usually the challenging part.  But you can do it. 

Use your mission as a compass or a guide by which you can measure how well you are reaching your goals. 

Strategic planning will help you create systems, processes, and structures to guide your ministry in the right direction. 

Identify short and long-term goals, assign tasks, and create timelines for achieving your objectives. 

Finally, make sure you keep up with your progress toward your mission by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). This will allow you to re-strategize when needed and stay on track!

When you’re ready to consider your women’s ministry name, read my post about that planning process.


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