15 SUPER Women’s Group Activities
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15 SUPER Women’s Group Activities

Are you looking for some fun, dynamic women’s group activities and ideas for your next women’s ministry event? If so, you will love these ideas that are a bit out of the norm but easily customizable to suit the needs and personality of your group. If you want a more serious activity, click here.

What are women’s group activity ideas?

Women’s group activities engage a group of women in your women’s ministry setting. The activities allow the ladies to talk to one another and build rapport. The rapport is critical to creating a relaxed environment conducive to relationship-building and cultivating a learning environment. 

Why do activities for your women’s group? 

As mentioned above, fun, interactive activities cultivate a sense of “oneness” among the women in the group. These sorts of activities make the difference between a bunch of strangers and a connected group of women. 

Women’s group activities give women a reason to look at one another and see one another as individuals – as people. They foster engagement.

I like to say women’s group activities force me to look into someone’s eyes and discover a bit about how they are as individuals. I learned what their smile looks like. What makes them chuckle? What their laugh sounds like, and so on. 

This may sound dramatic, but a women’s group activity can be the springboard to a full-blown friendship. It’s the starting point to building a connection.

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That incredible connection can morph into a friendship. That is a powerful, beautiful, powerful thought, isn’t it?

Planning activities for women’s groups is a great way to build associations among the ladies and create special memories during your women’s ministry event. 

Random Women’s group activity ideas

Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm your next great women’s group activities the whole group will be sure to enjoy! Each is most fun if it is a timed activity. 

Activity 1: Round Rosie – Tell me your name

1. Participants stand in a circle. 

2. One person walks outside the circle and taps another woman on the shoulder. 

3. That person walks the opposite way around the circle until the two people meet one another. 

4. They greet each other three times by name.

5. The two people then walk back, continuing in opposite directions around the circle, to take the empty place of the other woman.

6. Each woman chooses another woman for the next round.  

Relaxed, laid-back activities for women’s groups

Active Fun and (almost silly) Women’s group activities ideas

Activity 2: Adjective and Me

1. Each woman introduces herself and shares an adjective. 

2. The adjective could be related to how they feel, describe how they came to the Lord, an element of their personality – anything!

Activity 3. My, what beautiful eyes you have, Dear.

This is a silent activity. 

1. Ask the women to stand in a circle. 

2. Tell each person to make eye contact with another person across the circle. 

3. The two walk across the circle and exchange positions while maintaining eye contact. No one can look away! Have them do this all at the same time. 

Activity 4. I’ve found my person!!!

1. Write several well-known phrases or scriptures on sheets of paper. You want each woman to have one, so write a lot. 

2. Fold them three times so what is written on them is not easily read by looking down at them. 

3. Place them in a bowl, hat, or basket. 

4. Ask each woman to take a piece of paper from the hat. 

5. Play some fun music. 

6. Ask the women to find the person in the group with the identical scripture or saying on their paper. 

Tip: If you have a group of women who do not know one another, you can tell them, “The person you found is your buddy for the day.” This works exceptionally well for day conferences or events where women could feel “alone” in the larger group. 

Activity 5. Who are you, Girl? 

1. Pick a recognizable character from the Bible. 

2. Ask for two volunteers. 

3. Advise volunteer #1: “Your job is to take volunteer #2 out of the room and ensure she is far enough from it to not hear what is said. 

4. Advise volunteer #2: “Your job is to go outside the room.”

5. While the two volunteers are outside the room, tell the group the Bible character you selected. Tell them when the volunteer returns to the room, they are to “mime” or act out the Bible character (all at once…chaos is fun and beautiful), so the volunteers have to guess who it is. 

6. When the volunteers return, tell them, “You will work as a team to try to guess the Bible character the group is attempting to mime for you. You can speak to one another. You will have 1 minute. 

Tip: You can play as many rounds of this as you like. This does not have to be about a Bible character. You can also opt to make this about a job, an activity, food, a song, a movie, or anything. 

Screen Shot 2023 02 06 at 10.42.45 AM.png

Activity 6. Guess who you are!

1. Use a sticky note and put a famous person’s name on each participant’s back so they cannot see it. You can have people volunteer to affix the note to other women’s backs. Bring some safety pins or clothes pins (they are cheap at Walmart or Amazon) in case the sticky notes won’t stick. 

2. Ask participants to walk around the room, using only “yes” or “no” questions, and ask each other questions about the identity of their famous person. 

Tip: This activity works best with a group of no more than 10 people. 

Activity 7. Find it and touch it! 

1. You will yell (not literally) out a color, like Red. 

2. Ask the women to find something that color (as fast as they can) and touch it with one finger. 

3. Next, you can choose something that is another characteristic, like “find something round” or “find something cold/hot.” You can also ask the ladies for ideas on what to touch on in the next round.

8. Bring it to me … NOW

1. Women should sort themselves into small teams.

2. Call out to the ladies, “Bring me…”, and name something fun. For example, you could say, “Bring me a woman’s earring.” 

3. The team of ladies should race to bring what has been requested. Repeat this several times, asking them to bring different things. 

Tip: Make this fun and creative by asking them to bring unusual things like “a big hug” or a scripture.

Activity 8. Artistic Mojo

1. Women will work in pairs, sitting back to back. Give each a blank piece of paper and a pen.

2. One woman in each pair has a simple drawing. You can Google pics for a simple flower, ball, or something easily described.

3. The person with the drawing describes it in detail so that the other person can reproduce the drawing on their sheet of paper.

4. The woman with the drawing describes it in detail so that the other person can reproduce the drawing on their sheet of paper.

Activity 9. Whachoo doing? 

This is another guessing game. 

1. If you have more than 16 women, divide the large group into smaller groups of 4 or so. 

2. From each group, ask one woman to leave the room. 

3. The others plan and choose an adverb; for example, ‘slowly’ or sleepily’. 

4. When the leaver returns, she must find out what the adverb is by watching people do various actions ‘in that way.’ 

Tip: Another variation is to call this game something like “the Queen and I” and have the “leaver” command the groups to act out specific adverbs at will. 

Activity 10. Can you remember? 

1. In this memory game, the group forms a circle. 

2. One woman starts by saying something she would like to buy – it can be a wish list item or something as simple as milk. Example: “I am going to the market to buy capers.” 

3. The next lady says, “I am going to the market to buy capers and potatoes.” 

4. Each person repeats the list and then adds an item. 

Activity 11. Wads of Words

1. Think of a lengthy scripture, quote, or phrase. About 7 words are ideal for this women’s ministry activity.

2. Print one (or two) words from the quote or scripture onto paper. Colorful paper is excellent, AND make them as large as you can. 

3. Ball them up into paper wads. 

4. At your women’s event, ask the ladies if they have ever been in a pillow fight. Tell them they are now going to have a paper fight! Start by gently throwing them out to the ladies. The ladies can throw them to another table or person. Tell them not to stop, but keep it going! 

5. After you stop the activity, tell the women to come to grab one of the wads from around the room and come to the front. 

6. They then are to open the “wads” to find the words written on them in big letters. 

7. Direct them to make the sentence using the words. 

7. Give them about 3 minutes to arrange the words to form a sentence. 

Activity 12. Vision Boards

I don’t really have specific instructions for this activity because it is pretty straightforward.

A vision board party is a fun and creative way to help women visualize their goals and aspirations.

Provide magazines, scissors, glue, and poster boards, and encourage each woman to create a collage of images and words that represent their dreams and desires.

The best part is when I ask each woman to share her vision board with the group. In my experience, you get to know someone when you learn their ambitions and what they hold dear.

As they discuss their goals and receive support and encouragement from their peers, who knows what God can make happen in their lives?

This activity is a great way to promote self-reflection and inspire personal growth.

Activity 13. A Self-Care Activity

Hosting a self-care workshop is a great way to empower women to prioritize their own well-being. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve neglected myself for the sake of work or family.

Once, I did this one as a pajama party. It reminded us of when we were girls. So fun!

Set up stations with activities like aromatherapy, meditation, and journaling, and encourage participants to take time for themselves. Make it fun, colorful, and bright!

You can also invite a guest speaker to discuss the importance of self-care and provide tips for incorporating it into daily life. A mental health professional would be a good guest speaker too.

This activity promotes self-love and encourages women to prioritize their own needs.

Activity 14. All-Girl Book Club!

A book club is a great way to bring women together and promote empowerment through literature.

Choose books that focus on strong Christian female characters, overcoming adversity, or personal growth.

Encourage open and honest discussions about the book’s themes and messages, and allow each member to share her perspectives and experiences.

I like to dig deep and align areas of the book with Christian principles or scripture.

This activity not only promotes reading and critical thinking but also fosters a sense of community and support among women within the women’s ministry.

Activity 14. All-Girl Book Club!

Christian service rocks! I love doing service with other women. My suggestion, however, is to give the women a chance to get to know one another before the service date. Meet up for lunch or coffee so women know one another first. In a perfect world, I recommend you have a couple of meetings.

Story: Once, I took a group of ladies to volunteer. They didn’t know one another. A lady from the organization asked one of them, “where is Debra?” The woman from my church said, “I don’t know who that is.” ha! Yes, give them a chance to get to know one another.

Organize a volunteer day for your group to give back to the community and make a positive impact.

Choose a cause that aligns with your group’s values and interests, such as volunteering at a local women’s shelter, cleaning up a park or beach, or serving meals at a homeless shelter. Whatever.

Not only will you all be helping others, but volunteering can also make women feel good about themselves. The team will develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with one another and create some lasting memories.

Hey, you can find some more of my ideas here. These focus on the springtime! Yay!

Activity 15: Let’s Eat

This one never gets old! Plus, it doesn’t cost an arm and leg.

For sure, one of the easiest and most budget-friendly activities for a ladies’ group is to host a potluck dinner or brunch. I know. I know. It’s not new, exciting, or shiny. But it’s a tried and true method for fellowship.

That’s why they are still so popular!

As if I had to explain it, all you have to do is ask each member can bring a dish to share, and you can enjoy a delicious meal together while catching up and socializing.

To make it even more fun, you can choose a theme for the potluck, such as a specific cuisine or a holiday. Wait! You can make the food requirement that everything is green or 500 calories or more! 😀

This activity is affordable and a great way to bond over food and conversation.

Women’s group activities ideas can be tailored to meet the goal of your meeting, training, or event.

Whenever you can, make your women’s group activity align with the goal of your event or meeting. If you’re talking about the women’s ministry vision for the year, you could use the above activity as a springboard by saying something like, “Now, let’s piece together what we want to do this year” after the fun women’s group activity!

As a workplace trainer, know if it happens without a purpose. I always customize and link my event purpose to each and every activity. Adult learners do not like time wasters. They like logic and for everything to make sense.

Frankly, I think this is because so little makes sense in adulthood. Life is crazy and illogical. So, anytime we can make sense of something, I think it feels productive and a good use of time. What do you think?

Let’s keep going!

Icebreakers for women’s ministry

Icebreaker idea 1: Listing the Fun

1. Divide the group into small groups of about 2-4 each.

2. Designate a scribe (someone to write down findings) for the group. 
Tip: This can be done by asking each group to find who is wearing the cutest shoes, who has the coolest nails, or whose birthday is next.

3. Tell the ladies in the women’s ministry group this is a competition among groups to see who can come up with the longest list. The topic of the list is: Things We All Have in Common

4. Tell them that they can begin when you make the signal (use a bell, snap your fingers, or clap your hands). At that time, they need to come up with a list of everything they can discover about one another that they have in common. 

Tip: Give them some examples like eye color, favorite food, a favorite book of the bible, or like to read mysteries. 

5. Tell them they’ll have five minutes and to continue adding to the list until you ring the bell (or make the noise) again.

6. Give them five minutes between chimes. Play music to make it a fun atmosphere – but not too loud.

7. Now find out who’s the winner. Ask first who had five or more. Then, who had eight or more? And so on until you’ve established the winning group. 

Icebreaker idea 2: Will I move? 

1. Ask the women to stand behind their chairs. 

2. Every time a woman can answer ‘yes’ to a statement, she may move to the chair on their left. If she must answer ‘no’, she has to stay exactly where she is.

Tip: You can use statements like 

  • “I have a pet.”
  • “I drink coffee.”
  • “I can get ready to leave the house in less than 5 minutes.” 
  • “I have a blue car.”
  • “I sky-dived before”

The woman who makes it back to her seat first is the “winner.”

Icebreaker Idea 2: Let’s Get Acquainted 

This activity is ideal for no more than 10 women. You can customize and amend it for larger groups. You will simply need to break them into smaller groups. 

1. Give each woman a sheet of paper and a pen.

2. Ask the ladies to list what they would like to learn or know about the other participants in the training. List these on the pad of paper.

This shouldn’t be a nosey activity. No inquiries about where people live (i.e., counties and such). Avoid questions about marital status or children. As you know, these could be painful for some women. 

Instead, share some examples like:
1. Personal testimonies
2. Talents or hobbies
2. A person they admire
3. Best book recently read
4. All-time favorite movie
5. Ideal vacation
6. Favorite foods

Optional: You could ask for a quick vote on the three top preferences from the items you suggested. 

3. Select the five or six items receiving the greatest support and identify those for the group.

4. Ask them to place their name at the top, list the five or six categories down the left side, and answer each for themselves.

Women’s group activities ideas5. Use masking tape (or clothes pins) and ask the women to attach their sheets to their shoulders or somewhere visible on their bodies. 

6. Tell them to walk around the room and discover what others wrote.

I am a huge fan of simple, organic conversations during women’s ministry and women’s group events. 

Here are some questions women can ask and answer without the “gamey” or activity vibe. 

What was your best friend’s name in elementary school? 

Finish this sentence: One of my biggest pet peeves is _________.

You have three wishes. What would you wish for?

If you suddenly had to wear a bag on your head forever, what would you miss seeing the most?

What is the most daring thing you have ever done? What made it so daring?

My favorite way to waste time is ___________.

You have one minute to speak to the entire nation on national television. What one or two key things would you like to tell them?

What’s the story behind the longest time you’ve gone without sleep?

Who is the most famous person you’ve known or met? How did it happen?

When I dated, I was considered __________ because _____________.

What would you do if you could do one miracle (other than making the whole world Christian)? Why?

What do you miss most about childhood?

Are you a Target person or a Walmart person?

Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

Just for the fun/thrill of it, before I die, I’d like to ____________.

I wish before I got married someone had told me ____________.

What is one of the most memorable dreams you have ever had?

What impacts your mood most?

That’s it, Women’s Ministry Leader! 

You’re ready and hopefully got some women’s group activities ideas.

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