Designing Women’s Ministry Themes
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Designing Women’s Ministry Themes

Define the audience for your Women’s Ministry event before thinking of women’s ministry themes.

Did you know the business world has crafted some great resources that could be useful to us in ministry? One of which is the concept of avatars. No, I don’t mean the creepy blue animation lady. 

Actually, this type of avatar is a persona (or imaginary person) that represents the type of woman you want to reach. It’s your target audience to market your women’s ministry and to consider while you design your agenda!

Avatars are largely used in innovative marketing circles to define an ideal audience for a product or an effort. It helps you be more successful in your marketing platform and really get into the “head” of those to whom you want to minister. With an avatar, you can create a profile of the kind of woman/woman your ministry hopes to reach. 

This helps in constructing the women’s ministry theme! It also helps you market to them in a way that will appeal to them. 

In addition to your avatar, consider the varied personalities of the women you hope to draw to the women’s ministry event. Knowing what each personality enjoys and how they process can help you create a perfect ministry theme!

Define the goals of your avatar, Christian Lady.

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So, let’s get into the mind of your avatar so we can think of a theme that will attract her. 

I also understand that this whole ‘avatar’ concept is out of the norm for many people. It can seem a foreign and even silly concept if you’ve never been exposed to contemporary marketing strategies.

However, I ask you to keep an open mind because you are living in a time when women have so many competing forces after their time. In addition to the family, work, and the other “biggies,” you’ve got cell phones, television, and friends. 

Women are super careful in what they invest their time in doing.

With that, you need to ensure your women’s ministry theme is designed to make excellent use of their time and is meaningful to them. Again, keep an open mind as you continue to read about women’s ministry themes and this approach to drafting one. 

Let’s begin with the questions to consider. In crafting your avatar for your women’s ministry theme, considethe following:

What does she value in life?

What is her current stage of life? 

What might she find fun?

Does she have a lot of discretionary time?

Does she have any time limitations (i.e., babies, work, family, etc.)?

How does she prefer to communicate – online or offline?

Indeed, when planning a women’s ministry theme, it makes sense to be as “micro” or to the point as possible to ensure you meet the needs of the people/beneficiaries of your ministry effort. Do you see how this info would impact your marketing efforts and even help when you plan events?

Create a marketing dossier.

Many marketers create dossiers for their avatars. This may seem too deep but consider it. When planning your women’s ministry themes, you need to have an example representing the women you would like to reach.

This can be a simple one-page collection of info (or data) about the type of lady you want to attract to your ministry.

Some marketers make theirs in the form of a story. In fact, they actually write a story!

It’s a wild theory, but it could really be a good ministry tool!

Imagine that you are the avatar you want to reach. Afterward, write about the day-to-day happenings in her life. Explore what she goes through in her life and align it with your chosen ministry.

As an example, you could ask yourself…

How would she respond to it? What would she feel about it?

What is she looking for in her life spiritually, creatively, and socially?

How did she hear about the ministry?

How will she feel once she attends a ministry event?

All of this plays into your theme. Do you see it? Huh? Huh?

This is market research at its simplest! Sure, you’re making it up as you go, but the prototype you create after doing this activity will help you design a strategy to reach your “ideal customers” or the women you want to attend or take part in your women’s ministry. 

women's ministry themes

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A “women’s ministry themes” sort of example for you...

GodsyGirl is a Christian Lifestyle Blog I created. My avatar for has changed over the years quite a bit. Initially, I targeted women in their 20s or 30s raising small children. Largely because that is what I was doing myself at the time I created it. 

Additionally, I wanted women who were particularly busy and had difficulty finding time for prayer and other spiritual maturation processes. Hey, I’m not a professional writer (as you can likely tell!), but I wanted to encourage busy moms like me. I wanted to be a source of reassurance and share information about the latest cool things they could do to enhance their spiritual walk.

I was successful.

However, my avatar has grown up and taken on new roles in life. She has passed elementary and is likely in leadership roles.

My Avatar – I’ll call her “Kim” – now looks a little like this:

Kim is a ministry leader. Her children have grown up, and she is interested in working to improve the lives of others while being encouraged herself. She attends a good church and really wants to make a meaningful difference there. She’s busy and pulled in a lot of different directions in her life, so she needs information that is comprehensive yet easy to understand. She’s busy. She doesn’t want bullet points as much as she wants well-defined information, including the whats and why’s. Kim is part of planning Christian women’s workshops, women’s prayer breakfasts, and women’s ministry events. 

That who I target for my GodsyGirl blog. I created this avatar (Kim) based on the traffic gets on a regular basis. I’ve also asked people who read the blog why they do it and what they want. From that feedback, I created Kim the avatar.

Here is a great resource for creating an avatar for your blog:

Before you decide on a women’s ministry theme, 
survey women to get information about your women’s ministry avatar. 

Just like I informally surveyed my blog readers, you can find ways to get valuable information from women who represent your desired women’s ministry demographic. Some of the most important information you need for your avatar is easy and costs nothing!

It’s as simple as asking for fresh perspectives from other women in your target market.

Surveying women outside your group is one of the smartest things you can do to develop your women’s ministry theme. You will get insight into these individuals’ needs and what they crave in ministry. I guarantee asking around will help you more successfully create a theme that will attract women.

Free tools for surveys: 

Polls Everywhere


The blog post “5 best alternatives to Survey Monkey” (Free options included)

Visit Camp Pro – Help with your Women’s Retreat. I love this site for all sorts of ministry tools.

Plan your women’s ministry theme, but don’t stress out over it. 

Your event is an extension of Jesus right here on earth. You’re going to be AMAZING! All you have to do is build a foundation that will position you for success.

A catchy one of the women’s ministry themes you see around can sound good to the ear, but it’s nothing more than a gimmick if it’s not well-thought-out, right? So, go ahead and cultivate a clear picture of who you’re creating the ministry for (your avatar), and the women’s ministry theme will come easily.

What do you think of using avatars in ministry? What do you think of this “take” on meeting the needs of your target audience? I’d also like to know if you have any ideas for cool themes for Christian women’s workshops!  Share! Who knows who you will help? 🙂


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