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2 Activities for Ladies’ Groups

Women’s ministry icebreaker activities for ladies’ groups can be so fun! You know, I think participating in activities with a ladies’ group can be so much fun. Women experience games and activities a little differently from their male counterparts.

I created these activities for bonding and building connection. If you want something a bit lighter, check out my activities for springtime and just getting together.

Women’s Ministry Activity for ladies’ ministry groups:
1. Eye Contact   

Materials: None

Explain the following to the ladies:

1. “Select one partner – at your table.

2. If possible, remove eyeglasses. The key to this activity is no barriers.

3. Position yourselves so you are sitting and facing one another.

4. Look one another in eyes for 60 seconds. Say nothing. Simply listen for me to say “Start!”

Further, explain:

After I say “Start!”, you will look into your partner’s eyes. This is a nonverbal activity.

Whoever looks away first, must suffer the consequences.”  

You can brainstorm fun consequences before the meeting. However, I like to brainstorm them with the group. They always come up with more fun “consequence” ideas than I ever could. Some examples: clucking like a chicken, singing Jesus Loves Me backward, standing on one foot…whatever.

Debrief Ideas for the women’s ministry activity – Eye Contact                                                                                                                                                                  


“Were you successful holding the gaze for 60 seconds? Why or why not?”

“How did it feel to do this activity?”

“What were you thinking during the 60 seconds?”

“Why do you think we did this activity?”

Ideas for debriefing the “Eye Contact” Activity:

Option 1: Focus on mindfulness: You can link this activity to the value of “seeing” one another and being mindful when we are in one another’s presence. “The world moves so fast. As uncomfortable as it may be or as inconvenient as it may be we must stop, pause, and GENUINELY SEE one another. Maybe we don’t need to stare into one another’s eyes, but we need to be mindful of our Christian sisters.

Now, turn to a sister and say “I see you.” and “I’m here for you.”

Option 2: Trust and vulnerability.

You could say something like, “one of the reasons this activity was awkward was because when we stare into one another’s eyes for a period of time, it can make us feel vulnerable. Vulnerability is scary because it means we are acting without our defenses up.

Ask: How could this be relevant to Christian sisterhood?

Possible answer: we want to be open to one another so we can support one another when needed. It will bond us closer as Christian women and as Christian sisters.

This activity can help women in your ministry become more comfortable and trusting of each other through the practice of eye contact.

Christian women’s group activity ideas that
will make you think …and chuckle.

Fun activities for faith ladies' groups and church meeting

Number 2: Back-to-Back Idioms         

Materials: bowl, small box or hat to place the folded small square sheets into, idiom sheet cut into small squares, chart paper, markers or crayons

Note: You can work in your same pairs (or find new pairs, the choice is yours).

Explain the following to the women at the women’s ministry event:

1. One person in your pair will be Person A and the other will be Person B. Decide now, who will be who.

2. Person A – you will be silent during this activity. Proceed to select an idiom from the bowl/hat/box.

3. Silently read the idiom and with the pen and paper draw it in an effort for your partner to guess it.

4. Person B, you have 4 guesses to guess the idiom. If you guess it, then Person A draws again.

Switch partners after 3 rounds.

Debrief or explain the women’s ministry activity:

The Drawing Activity: 

1. To the Describers – “what did it feel like to draw the object?“ 
Allow all the describers to share their experiences.

2. To the Guessers – “were you able to guess the idiom?”
How did it feel?”
“Was it easy?” Why?
“Was it hard? Why?

Allow the women to share and giggle. Often, they will draw out insights you would never have thought of!

  • Guessers – “What skills did you have to tap into in order to guess what was being described?” 
  • Describers – What skills were required for the person describing the idiom? 


You can say something like:

“Communication is so important in our women’s ministry.  We need to understand one another – even if a person’s way of communication is hard for us to understand.

Maybe add:

“Each of us has unique ways of conveying what we need based on our personalities, our cultures, and how we were raised. We must struggle to make sure we convey our thoughts in ways people understand and we must go the “extra mile” to try to understand – just like we joyously struggled during the game – we have to be long-suffering and persevere to make sure we communicate well and understand well.”


“There will be times we don’t understand one another or can’t get someone to understand us. But, we need one another, so we need to bring patience, clarity, and patience to our relationships.”

There you have it. Those are my activities for ladies’ groups. I hope you like them!

Two SUPER fun women's group activities!