Women’s Ministry Leader Job Description
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Women’s Ministry Leader Job Description

When looking to bring on a women’s ministry leader, it’s crucial to create an accurate and comprehensive job description outlining the required duties and qualifications. This article will provide you with a checklist of criteria to include in your women’s ministry leader job description.

What responsibilities should be listed in the job description for women’s ministry leaders?  I think this should be included in a woman’s ministry leader job description.

Creating a Women’s Ministry job description is a pivotal step in building a dynamic and impactful team to serve the unique needs of women in a faith community.

The women’s ministry job description should be meticulously crafted to outline the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position.

I believe it should convey the ministry’s mission, vision, and values, emphasizing the importance of fostering spiritual growth, community, and support among women.

Additionally, it’s good to highlight the need for strong leadership skills, a deep understanding of women’s spiritual and social issues, and a passion for empowering others on their faith journey.

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By crafting a clear and compelling job description, you set the stage for attracting individuals who are not only qualified but also deeply committed to nurturing the spiritual well-being of women in your community.

women's ministry leader job description
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The women’s ministry leader job description should clearly define the various responsibilities associated with the role of a women’s ministry leader.

These may include but are not limited to leading Bible study sessions, organizing and overseeing special events, spearheading small groups, or providing mentoring and guidance. 

Additionally, the women’s ministry leader job description should outline any administrative tasks that might be required, such as keeping records or coordinating with volunteers, to name just a few. 

More abilities are: 

  • Communication – communicating thoughts and being a good listener as well.
  • Decision Making – the ability to assess pros/cons and evaluate consequences.
  • Collaboration – desire, and ability to work with others equitably and fairly.
  • Learning and Development – able to train others and teach processes/concepts.
  • Volunteer Management Skills – acumen to motivate volunteers and management
  • Diversity and Inclusion – a non-biased person who sees ability beyond race or ethnicity.
  • Feedback – the capacity to provide meaningful feedback and receive it with grace.
  • Project Management – can manage multiple projects at a time and link them to over-arching objectives.

Goals and Objectives for Women’s Ministry Mission Statement for Your Ministry

women's ministry leader job description

Women’s Ministry Leader Job Description

Qualifications for a Women’s Ministry Leader Job Description

Ability to collaborate with diverse groups of people. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Outstanding interpersonal skills.

Ability to set and achieve goals.

Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

Superior organizational skills and attention to detail.

Able to adjust to shifting priorities and develop creative solutions in problem-solving and goal achievement.

women's ministry leader job description

Responsibilities to include in your women’s ministry job description

Serve as an example of Christian integrity and models for the members of the congregation. Acts as the central point of communication for the women’s ministry team.

Plans and executes women’s ministry events for church women, emphasizing reaching women in the community as well.

Oversees/coordinates the collection of funds associated with ministry events and adheres to proper accounting protocols as defined by church leadership.

Fosters strong working relationships with church leaders, women’s ministry teams, and church families.

Contributes to the strategic long-term vision of the church and ministry by making innovative suggestions.

Develops and implements recruitment plans to recruit volunteers, team members, and other resources.

Works with church staff to learn and ensure all procedures are being followed.

Develops and implements unique women’s ministry efforts and events.

Create and manage planning materials to execute innovative women’s ministry activities. Handles on-site logistics for women’s events and activities

Adheres to ministry project budgets and timelines by tracking funds.

Monitors the progress of registration, ticket sales, and incoming funds.

Manages special committees for events by developing goals and objectives and leading towards successful completion of the goals.

May serve as primary contact for external vendors to coordinate goods and services for women’s ministry events.

Performs continuous critical evaluation of events to determine their effectiveness and reports the results to church leadership.

Take a Full Women’s Ministry Training 

Download the women’s ministry leader sample job description PDF by clicking the image or clicking here.

Spiritual qualifications and a women’s ministry leader job description

I intentionally included an integrity clause in the job description. Like any Christian, I think a women’s ministry leader should be spiritually mature and have a close relationship with God. 

They should also be a regular tither and have a strong giving history. However, making that a prerequisite is a decision church leadership must make. Finding a stellar candidate and grooming them toward maturity would also be acceptable. 

The ideal candidate for this role must possess strong spiritual qualifications, such as a deep and personal knowledge of the Bible, sound doctrinal convictions, a genuine love for God’s Word, and an ability to communicate it effectively. 

Teaching women Bible studies and leading devotionals is not uncommon for many women’s ministry leaders. Being grounded in God’s word is definitely a necessity.

Additionally, they should have the desire to live a Godly life and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22).

As a leader, they should also be organized, disciplined, and able to motivate others with their leadership style.

 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things, there is no law.

Galatians 5:22

Leadership Skills/Experience Required – This is necessary for any women’s ministry leader job description.

Women’s ministry leaders must have good communication and organizational skills and the ability to motivate and inspire others. 

Preferably, they will possess leadership experience in the areas of church administration, youth ministries, or family ministries, with a proven track record of successful women’s ministry events. 

Additionally, candidates should demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of team dynamics. Even if the candidate has substantial experience, do not neglect to ask people about their leadership ability. 

If possible, make this inquiry to outside entities anonymous with an online poll, like Google Forms or even a box with a slit.

women's ministry leader job description

Administrative Requirements & Job Expectations.

Women’s ministry leaders should understand church administration well and be capable of managing resources, budgets, and volunteers. Most of the women’s ministry helpers will be volunteers, so it helps to know a bit about managing them. The web is full of volunteer management articles and resources. Create a welcome packet with links to those resources with the expectation of studying and learning about volunteer management. 

Potential women’s ministry leaders should be able to set up systems and processes for ministries and be aware of relevant policies and regulations. 

Women’s ministry leaders are usually required – with the help of a team – to plan events, including setting up logistics, marketing messages, and promotional activities while using creativity to make each event or program successful. 

You might also want to include the ability to lift up to 20 pounds in your women’s ministry leader job description.

Educational Prerequisites and Support Resources.

Ideally, women’s ministry leaders could have an adequate educational background in relevant fields such as event planning, project management, or public relations. 

While specific qualifications are not always necessary, it is preferable for candidates to have some form of formal education. 

As stated before, it is also desirable if the leader has prior experience in the tasks they may need to perform. 

HOWEVER, God does equip. But, the more existing knowledge, skills, and abilities the new women’s ministry leaders have entering the role, the better. 

Finally, trust and verify. 

I think far too few churches check references for ministry leaders. Even if the potential women’s ministry leader belongs to the church, ask how others perceive her and have experienced working with her. 

  • How long have you been working with the potential ministry leader?
  • On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being excellent, how would you rate her work?
  • What were her strengths as a ministry leader?
  • What are their weak points?
  • What were her main responsibilities?
  • Was she dependable? Could you count on her?
  • Did she consistently complete the tasks she said she would?
  • How did she support her team or ministry colleagues?
  • How did she get along with other people?
  • How are her communication and listening skills?
  • Were there any behaviors that affected her ability to be successful?
  • Would you work on her team or work with her again?
  • Tell me how she handles ministry-related stress.
  • Do you think she would be a good women’s ministry leader?
  • Good or bad, if you had to give a warning about this person, what would it be?
  • Would you like to add anything else? Is there anything else we should know?

Download ministry reference questions as a PDF: 
Click here. 

Tools for writing a women's ministry leader job description

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women's ministry leader job description
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